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Complications and Consequences of Tooth Injury
There are many possible consequences of oral injury.

Pain, which can be severe.
Infection, including
Abscess: A localized collection of pus surrounded by inflamed tissue.
abscess. (See Chapter 9 > Abscess.)
Ankylosis: Fusion of the alveolar bone with tooth cementum.
Inflammatory root resorption.
Aesthetic consequences. These include tooth loss or discoloration and malalignment of permanent dentition due to the shifting of remaining teeth or abnormal eruption.
Negative impact on self-esteem.
Impaired oral or phonetic function.
High cost. Tooth repair can be very expensive. For example, the estimated lifetime cost of caring for an avulsed permanent tooth is $5000-$15,000 per tooth.

For these reasons, prevention of tooth injury is paramount.
Aesthetic consequences of tooth injury include tooth discoloration, tooth loss, and misalignment of the permanent dentition.
Anticipatory guidance can aid in prevention of tooth injury.

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