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Self-Assessment Questions
The following questions will help assess your knowledge of the information presented in this chapter. The correct answers will be provided on the next page. Please be sure to answer all the questions before hitting the Submit button at the bottom of this page.

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Self-Assessment Questions - Chapter 9

Extension of the dental caries process into the pulp of the tooth.

3. Which of the following conditions can cause pain in the teeth or mouth?

Acute otitis media.
All of the above.

4. Which of the following statements about Oral Candidiasis is not true?
The same fungus causes angular cheilitis.
It should be treated with antiviral medication.
Re-infection from bottles or pacifiers is possible.
It can be caused by antibiotic use.
It is common in infants.

5. Which of the following statements is true when treating an abscess? The first step is to locate the site of infection.
In severe cases, intravenous antibiotics are necessary and hospitalization may be required.
An abscessed tooth often must be extracted.
In cases limited to pulpitis, a root canal may be performed to salvage the tooth.
All of the above

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