US/Canadian Pediatric Clinical Research Network Directory

The Clinical Pediatric Research Network (PCRN) Directory provides information to help you learn about pediatric networks in existence today, find contact information and links to network web sites, and facilitate communication and collaboration between networks.

The Consortium to Advance the Pediatric Research Infrastructure (CAPRI), a program of the American Academy of Pediatrics, does not endorse or recommend the organizations or individuals included in the PCRN Directory or linked web sites.

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* If you would like to update your pediatric network’s information or request to add a network, please send an email to

Criteria for network inclusion in this directory:

1) The term "clinical" will be broadly interpreted to mean "health-related in humans;" that is, any network that is conducting research in human subjects or using data from human subjects that is relevant to improving the quality of human health is eligible for this project. This includes networks doing epidemiology, behavior modification, health communication, patient care, medical practice, clinical quality improvement, and clinical process improvement research. Surveillance systems [to be determined] and registries are also eligible if there has been some research output from the program. The research does not have to be conducted in a clinical setting. (Source: NIH Inventory and Evaluation of Clinical Research Networks) Networks include Primary care; Specialty and Disease-specific pediatrics.

2) The network must have conducted at least one study

3) The network must operate in the US or Canada

4) Conducts a majority of its research in pediatrics

Types of networks in this directory:

Primary care (General) (study topics are applicable to the general pediatric population)

Specialty (study topics are pertinent to a pediatric subspecialty such as Rheumatology)

Disease-Specific (study topics are within a specific disease such as Juvenile Diabetes)

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