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The Child Abuse Recognition Experience Study (CARES)


Child abuse remains one of the most intractable problems facing American children and one of the most difficult for pediatricians. Historically, we know that office-based doctors encounter and correctly assess many children whose injuries result from abuse. Following a successful study on child abuse injuries by the Pediatric Practice Research Group, a regional practice-based network in the Chicago area, a larger study is being by conducted by PROS. The study aims for CARES are:

Specific Study Aims:

1) Examine primary care practitioner decision making when evaluating injuries;

2) Describe practitioner factors and other resources that affect recognition and management of injuries suspicious for child abuse; and

3) Assess the validity of practitioners' recognition and management of injuries suspicious for child abuse.

The results of this study will be used to develop more effective systems to support practitioner decision making when assessing an injury. This new information will ultimately result in earlier and more accurate identification of injuries caused by child abuse and more effective secondary prevention. These results may also have important implication for other social policy.