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Suggesting a Research Topic


Inasmuch as ePROS is a subnetwork of PROS, ideas for ePROS studies go through the same process as those submitted for traditional PROS studies. Such ideas may be submitted by a Fellow of the Academy in a participating practice, a Chapter Coordinator, a member of the Steering Committee, a member of the research team, or an Academy committee or council.

Practitioner-generated ideas are especially valued by PROS -- several have generated highly successful projects. If you have an idea for a research project, read the materials below and then type in a brief summary of the idea. A member of the PROS executive committee will get back to you to discuss this further.

To make a study suggestion, please contact a member of the PROS Executive Committee -- Steering Committee Chair Benjamin Scheindlin, MD (bscheindlin@yahoo.com) or PROS Director Richard "Mort" Wasserman, MD (richard.wasserman@uvm.edu). Ultimately, you will be asked to submit a written proposal for consideration by the PROS Steering Committee (PROS SC). That proposal will need to specify:

1. The research question;
2. The specific aims of the study;
3. The information to be gained from the study and its importance;
4. The data to be collected;
5. The approximate time frame for accomplishing the study.

Criteria applied by the PROS Steering Committee in its deliberation include importance of the study idea, appropriateness for PROS, and feasibility. If the committee approves a study idea, it is brought before the PROS Chapter Coordinators (AAP chapter representatives – mostly practicing pediatricians) for their review. If a study idea is approved by the coordinators, it is also reshaped and refined in varying degrees as the coordinators and other PROS practitioners who review and pilot study protocols and data collection materials maximize the study’s “do-ability” in the practice or clinic setting. Through this process, network practitioners gain ownership of the study (and improve it!). Following coordinator approval, the PROS SC appoints a Principal Investigator to lead the study’s Research Management Group in writing a grant proposal to obtain funds for the project (PROS and the AAP don’t fund studies). The individual who originally proposed the study idea often is the Principal Investigator, and always is a member of the Research Management Group. The process from suggestion of an idea to launching a study may take 2-4 years, with funding as the limiting factor.

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