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Electronic Pediatric Research in Office Settings (ePROS)

Review Policy:

It is PROS policy that all PROS practitioners who complete data collection for a study receive a copy of the manuscript(s) for review shortly before submission for publication. Written feedback to the authors is optional. All the ePROS participants will be credited by practice in core papers submitted for publication. Participation at this level does not require any data analytic efforts, manuscript preparation or editing. Practitioners who complete all data collection and who participate in intermediate editing of manuscripts during their preparatory phase will also receive formal manuscript acknowledgment, listing and recognition at PROS meetings.

Authorship Opportunities:

Practitioners who wish to participate as paper authors on peer-reviewed manuscripts arising from the project will agree to the ePROS Publication Policy which recognizes the network ownership of all data and employs the JAMA Criteria for Authorship. In short, practitioners wishing to participate in manuscript analyses and writing will be required to participate in monthly conference calls for periods of four to six months, review relevant literature and contribute to the writing of the papers derived from the data.

Individuals may wish to play a leadership role on one of the Topic Teams or alternatively to provide practitioner feedback to one of the Teams at this level. Subsequent results may be presented by practitioners at national or regional meetings or published in peer-reviewed journals.

For more information on the PROS Review Policy or authorship opportunities, please contact the PROS central office at or call 800/433-9016, extension 4290.


Fiks A, Grundmeier R, Song L, Steffes J, McCarn B, Margolis B, Mayne S, Localio R, Wasserman R. Psychopharmacology in Pediatric Primary Care: An ePROS Study of Electronic Health Records. Presented as a poster at 2013 Pediatric Academic Societies' Annual Meeting.

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Grundmeier R, Song L, Liu W, McCarn B, Steffes J, Ross M, Localio A, Margolis B, Gotlieb E, Grimes A, Wasserman R, Fiks A. Psychopharmacological Treatments and Behavioral Health Co-morbidities Experienced by Children with Sleep Disturbances: An ePROS and PeRC Study.  Presented as a poster at 2014 Pediatric Academic Societies' Annual Meeting

Margolis B, Steffes J, Slora EJ, Fiks AG, Pace WD, and Wasserman RC.  Building a pediatric primary care EHR network to conduct CER: Lessons learned. Presented as a podium presentation at 2012 Child Health Services Research Meeting.

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Wasserman RC, Fiks AG, Bailey LC, Keren R. EHR Research Networks: Extracting New Knowledge from the Electronic Tools of Patient Care.  Presented as a Topic Symposia at the 2012 Pediatric Academic Societies' Annual Meeting.



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