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Adolescent Health in Pediatric Practice (AHIPP)


Our specific aims are to:
Demonstrate providers' fidelity to guidelines for tobacco counseling and delivery of cessation interventions using practice system changes over time, including:

a) systematic screening using charting tools;
b) linkages to adjunct materials, including self-help handouts and Internet      resources.

Assess the impact of primary care provider counseling interventions on adolescent smoking cessation.

We hypothesize that :

a) Adolescents who receive guidelines-based clinician delivered smoking cessation counseling at primary care visits will be more likely to make quit attempts; and,

b)more likely to remain abstinent (with better long term cessation rates) at 6 and 12 months after clinical counseling interventions, compared to those who do not receive interventions.

Successful referral to stage-based self-help adjuncts, and more adjunct use will be associated with more quit attempts and better long -term cessation rates.

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