Preventing Sexual Violence
An Educational Toolkit for Health Care Professionals

What Is Sexual Violence?
How Do I Prevent It?
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We hope that this toolkit has given you some useful information and tools and increased your comfort in addressing sexual violence prevention with your patients and their families. Of course, this toolkit has only provided basic information on a complex topic and has focused primarily on the individual clinical encounter. We recognize that in some cases, you will need to schedule an additional visit to discuss problems and provide more in-depth information. To help you determine what is billable, we have provided guidance in Coding for Additional Work During Preventive Medicine Examinations.

However, just as sexual violence occurs in the context of multiple levels of influence, sexual violence prevention should occur at multiple levels. We encourage you to build on your inherent credibility as a spokesperson, your knowledge of child and adolescent development, and your relationships with families in your community to work outside the walls of your office to help prevent sexual violence. To facilitate your involvement in sexual violence prevention in your community, we have provided a sample speaker’s presentation and a guide to community collaboration.