About Us

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) Richmond Center offers a wealth of resources for health professionals, researchers, community advocates, parents and families.


About the Richmond Center
Read about the history and mission of the Center, as well as the Center Advisory Committee.

Dr. Julius B. Richmond
Learn about the Center's namesake, Dr. Julius B. Richmond, former Surgeon General of the United States.

FAMRI & Other Centers of Excellence
Find information on the Flight Attendant Medical Research Institute as well as the other Centers of Excellence it funds.

Read about the funders who make the work at the AAP Richmond Center possible.

Discover different research studies being conducted through different programs within the Center, including some that are open for participation.

Investigators and Staff
Review information offered on the researchers and staff who conduct research and help the Center work towards its mission.

Tobacco Consortium
Get information on the AAP Tobacco Consortium, a group dedicated to tackling tobacco issues through research, literature reviews, and other collaborative efforts.

AAP Children's Art Contest Galleries
View works of art created by artists through the AAP annual art contests. The 2009 and 2010 contests were sponsored by the AAP Richmond Center, and the finalist entries for both years are presented.

Events Gallery
Browse through photos from events held by or attended by Center investigators and staff, including Visiting Lectureships, the Academy's National Conference and Exhibition, and technical assistance site visits.