Clinicians & Clinical Practice

Are you asking the right questions about tobacco use and secondhand smoke exposure?
Clinicians and clinical practices can play an integral role in protecting children from tobacco and secondhand smoke (SHS). In this section, you will find resources to help you ask patients and families the right questions about tobacco use and secondhand smoke exposure, including information on coding and payment, training and CME courses, clinical practice guidelines and tools, and information about how to have discussions about tobacco use and secondhand smoke exposure with patients and families.


Talk With Your Doctor
Information related to the "Talk With Your Doctor" initiative of the Tips From Former Smokers media campaign.

Coding & Payment
The most recent coding and payment recommendations to help your practice get reimbursement for services related to counseling for tobacco use and exposure to SHS.

Training and CME Courses
Discover opportunities for tobacco-related training offered by the American Academy of Pediatrics and other organizations. Some trainings offer CME credits.

Practice Tools
Find information that will help your whole practice better address tobacco use and SHS exposure. This information is provided by the Public Health Service and other organizations.

Counseling About Smoking Cessation
Get tools to counsel patients and families about their tobacco use and the effects on the rest of the family. Techniques and tips are offered to help make your clinical encounters more efficient.

CEASE: Clinical Effort Against Secondhand Smoke Exposure
The CEASE program is designed to promote delivery of tobacco control assistance in pediatric practices and to reduce secondhand smoke exposure in homes and cars.