Funding Opportunities

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) Julius B. Richmond Center of Excellence is committed to helping pediatricians, other child health advocates, and researchers gain the knowledge and means to protect children from tobacco and secondhand smoke.

To achieve this, the Richmond Center has developed various funding opportunities including:

Scholarship Program

The AAP Richmond Center supports postdoctoral fellows working on projects related to secondhand smoke and children. These fellowship awards are for two years and up to $25,000 each year. Read more

Visiting Lectureships Program

The Visiting Lectureships Program provides up to $3,000 for two-day educational events focused on tobacco control. These events provide opportunity for multiple institutions to collaborate on tobacco control issues, and must occur within two years of receiving the award. Read more

New Investigator Grants

New Investigator Grants are for pediatricians and other child health researchers to complete work on projects related to children's secondhand smoke exposure elimination or reduction. The awards are for up to $12,000. Read more


The Julius B. Richmond Center partners with the AAP Community Access to Child Health (CATCH) program to support pediatricians in the planning and implementation of programs that address child health and tobacco control at the community level. Up to $12,000 is awarded each year for these projects. Read more

If you are interested in educating future leaders in research and community programs, or participating in advocacy focused on the reduction and elimination of children's exposure to tobacco and secondhand tobacco smoke, consider applying for funding to support your efforts.