Parents & Families

The American Academy of Pediatrics Julius B. Richmond Center of Excellence identifies and provides access to resources to help protect parents and families from tobacco and secondhand smoke. Find helpful resources on how to quit, the effects of tobacco and secondhand smoke on children, thirdhand smoke, and information specifically for children and teenagers.

Looking for general information about tobacco? Visit our Resources and Links page for Tobacco 101. The Web site is also available as a resource for parents and families looking for information on smoke exposure, tobacco use, and more.

Fact sheet for parents on e-cigarettes

Resources about youth marijuana use:
Marijuana Facts for Teens
Tips for Teens: Marijuana
Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment


How to Quit
Information and Web sites that can help you quit using tobacco products, including Web sites designed especially for adolescents and children.

The Effects of Tobacco on Children
Learn about the negative health and behavioral effects of tobacco and secondhand smoke on children. This section offers advice on how to protect your children, including tips to keep children from smoking.

Thirdhand Smoke
Thirdhand smoke is the smoke left behind — the harmful toxins that remain in places that people have smoked previously. Learn the facts on thirdhand smoke and children.

For Kids & Teens
This section has information especially for younger audiences. Get information about what using tobacco products can do to you, and how to avoid those problems.