Section on Tobacco Control

From the Chair

Welcome to the AAP Provisional Section on Tobacco Control. We are pleased to see a high level of interest in this Provisional Section.

The Provisional Section has developed a three-year strategic plan, written articles for AAP News, served as faculty for AAP tobacco prevention and control webinars, started revising the AAP policy statement on tobacco, met with leaders from the CDC Office on Smoking and Health and FDA Center for Tobacco Products, and seen our 100th member join the section! Over the next year as we begin to develop our application for full section status at the AAP, we look forward to having as many members involved in our work as possible.

The success of the Provisional Section will be dependent on the efforts made by our members; so please contact us at to let us know how you would like to contribute. We look forward to working side by side with you on tobacco prevention and control. From promoting membership to writing articles to sharing personal stories, your support is necessary in helping us achieve our goals and show the importance of tobacco prevention & control in pediatric practice.

If you or someone you know would like to join the Provisional Section on Tobacco Control, view our membership information for current AAP members and for Affiliate Members.

Ruth A. Etzel, MD, PhD, FAAP - Co-Chair

Karen M. Wilson, MD, MPH, FAAP - Co-Chair