Section on Tobacco Control


About Us
Founded in July 2012, the Provisional Section on Tobacco Control is a group of pediatricians and tobacco control professionals who are actively addressing tobacco control issues within their practices and communities working to protect infants, children, adolescents, and their families from tobacco and secondhand smoke. The section is housed within the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) Julius B. Richmond Center of Excellence, which has been supporting tobacco research, education, and policy since 2006.

As an advocate for the nation’s children, we believe that it is essential that the Academy have the strongest possible voice in:

  • eliminating children’s exposure to tobacco and secondhand smoke
  • preventing children and youth from initiating smoking and other tobacco use
  • promoting smoke-free and tobacco-free policies
  • helping parents, families, and caregivers to quit smoking


Who Can Join the Section?
The Provisional Section on Tobacco Control welcomes all AAP members and non-AAP members (Affiliate Members) who would like to join us in accomplishing the mission and goals of our section. The Provisional Section on Tobacco Control Executive Committee is committed to making the Section a multidisciplinary collaboration. The provisional Section was approved to accept affiliate members in July 2013. This has expanded our professional base to include members who are not eligible for national AAP membership. Click to view our membership information for current AAP members and for Affiliate Members.


What We Offer
Section members play a vital role assisting in educational programming, policy statement development, practice intervention development, and many other projects, including representing the AAP to other organizations. Section leadership has implemented a strategic plan with measurable outcomes based on member feedback, including AAP National Conference and Exhibition programming, educational opportunities, presentation slides, newsletters, and handouts.