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One of the goals of this site is to direct physicians, health care professionals, and parents to information and tools to prevent medical errors in pediatric health care settings. Please select a topic of interest to view related resources:

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Where are the Best Practices in Pediatric Patient Safety?

Following the release of the watershed report, To Err is Human in 1999, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) increased its focus on raising awareness and educating clinicians and family on medical errors and patient safety. Creating a safe healthcare environment for children and their families is a long-standing goal of the Academy, and over the years, we have been engaged actively in developing and disseminating multiple strategies to improve pediatric patient safety.

Initially, the AAP set out to develop new and identify existing best practices to disseminate to clinicians and parents. It was thought that such a list of practices would improve the safety of care delivered to patients in various settings. At the time, research and epidemiology on pediatric patient safety was sparse. Since then, an epidemiological framework for errors in pediatric care has been established. Additionally, there has been increasing research on pediatric patient safety.

These combined efforts made us reassess our initial strategy to develop a list of best practices. Health care is local. Patient safety issues also are localized and vary across settings and regions. As such, a generic catalog of best practices would not suffice. Instead, we offer a menu of Web seminars, or webinars, parent checklists, policy statements, and other useful information that have demonstrated success in improving pediatric patient safety. These combined resources provide clinicians and families with strategies to improve and ensure the delivery of safe care to our children.

We encourage you to browse and download these resources for use. We also invite you to offer your own patient safety strategies and feedback to improve this dynamic web site.