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The Pediatric Emergency Medicine Network is an educational networking portal designed for PEM and adult EM practitioners for the emergency care of ill and injured children.


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SOEM 2015
Executive Committee Election
Submit Nominations
Deadline: December 15, 2014


SOEM National Conference Program Presentations 2014

Award Highlights 2014

Overall Best Paper Presentation
Jill Dreyfus, PhD, MPH

Willis Wingert Award for Outstanding Resident/Fellow Paper
Rami S. Sunallah, MD, FAAP       

Best Research Poster
Catherine E. Foster, MD

EmergiQuiz Best Case Presentation
Thomas J. Czolgosz, MD

EmergiQuiz Best Discussion
of an Unknown Case

Sathyaseelan Subramaniam, MD

PEMpix Photo Competition
Nidhya Navanandan, MD, FAAP

PEMpix Audience Response
Lei Chen, MD

Seidel Distinguished Service
Douglas Baker, MD, FAAP

Steve Miller Excellence in Education
Steven M. Selbst, MD, FAAP

Ken Graff Young Investigator
Kelly M. Ochoa, MD, FAAP

Technological Innovations in PEM
Sponsored by EBSCO/PEMSoft
Inaugural Award Recipient:
Pediatric Septic Shock Collaborative


Summer 2014 Newsletter



PEM Fellows Conference
March 7-9, 2015
Charlotte, NC

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AAP Legislative Conference
April 12-14, 2015
Washington, DC

Executive Committee
2014-2015 Roster

Charles Macias, MD, MPH
Houston, TX

Prashant Mahajan, MD, MPH, MBA
Detroit, MI

Lalit Bajaj, MD, MPH
Denver, CO

Javier Gonzalez del Rey, MD, MEd
Cincinnati, OH

Colette Mull, MD
Wilmington, DE

David Schnadower, MD, MPH
St. Louis, MO

Paul Sirbaugh, DO, MBA
Houston, TX

George Woodward, MD, MBA
Seattle, WA

Marc Gorelick, MD, MSCE
Past Chair
Milwaukee, WI

Sue Tellez, Manager

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