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With funding from the federal Maternal and Child Health Bureau, the AAP is expanding its promotion of adolescent health issues. The AAP is one of eight funded Partners in Program Planning for Adolescent Health (PIPPAH). The PIPPAH grantees are developing activities to elevate adolescent health within their own organizations and in collaboration with each other and allied health professional organizations. The AAP Adolescent Health Partnership Project will focus on promoting and improving adolescent health through the AAP membership, other PIPPAH grantees, and other collaborative national organizations including those involved in the National Initiative to Improve Adolescent Heath (NIIAH).

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Promising Practices Award for Promoting Adolescents' Strengths (Updated 4/11/11)
Creating Healthy Opportunities: Conversations with Adolescent Health Experts
AAP Chapter Adolescent Health Educational Awards
Archived Web cast: Talking With Teens About Healthy Sexual Relationships
Needs Assessment Results
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The Promising Practices Award for Promoting Adolescents’ Strengths

The Promising Practices Award for Promoting Adolescents’ Strengths seeks to recognize programs, groups and individual pediatricians who have made an innovative contribution to the promotion of positive adolescent health messages, health care services and practice management activities.  This recognition program also will help identify and promote promising practices that incorporate positive youth development strategies or focus on improving the perception of youth among colleagues. 

Pediatricians, residents, adolescent specialists and other health care professional are encouraged to apply for this recognition award to showcase a specific project or activity that promotes a positive vision of adolescent health. Award recipients will receive a recognition certificate and their activities will be prominently promoted. New award recipients will be announced soon!

Three awards have been betowed in 2010 to the following recipients:

Teen Xpress
Veenod Chulani, MD, MSEd; Rita Soza-Vento, PhD; and Vjolca Capri
Orlando, FL

The Teen Xpress program aims to positively impact the quality of life for underserved youth by providing access to medical and behavioral healthcare.”  Since its inception in 1997, Teen Xpress has provided medical home services to uninsured and underinsured teens at local school sites. The program features a 40-foot mobile unit staffed by a multidisciplinary team. Through various partnerships Teen Xpress has been able to enhance services for adolescents. For example, in 2009, Teen Xpress partnered with Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children’s In the Zone Community Pediatrics program. Pediatric residents provide clinical care, home visits, mentoring, and health education.

Hispanic Social Norms Poster Contest
M. Fernanda Nota, MD, FAAP and Mirzada Kurbasic, MD, MSCR, FAAP
Louisville, KY

The Hispanic Youth Positive Social Norm Posters Contest is a collaborative effort; International Population Task Group (IPTG) partnered with ¡Adelante! Hispanic Achievers to organize a poster contest with positive messages promoting tobacco prevention among adolescents. A strong indicator of whether or not a child will engage in high-risk behaviors, such as smoking, is how acceptable the child perceives that activity to be among his/her peers and in society at large. In several sessions adolescents were provided with a presentation on Positive Social Norms, rules of the contest, help with poster sketching and electronic creation and submission. These activities were accompanied by a presentation, both for students and parents, on the harms of tobacco use. Posters were selected by a panel of judges (members of IPTG). At the official exhibit of created artwork and award presentations, parents and relatives voted for their favorite poster. Selected posters will be used in different media campaigns: to create t-shirts, posters displayed in schools, at Hispanic Health Fair and churches, and for newspaper ads.  This activity created young leaders and peer educators in the fight against adolescent tobacco use.

Vermont Youth Health Improvement Initiative
Vermont (state-wide)

The Vermont Youth Health Improvement Initiative, with leadership from Paula Duncan, MD, FAAP; Barbara Frankowski, MD, FAAP; Breena Holmes, MD; and Eliot Nelson, MD have helped practitioners from throughout Vermont  to make office-based systems changes promoting comprehensive screening and counseling  for health behavior risks and developmental tasks or strengths.  Over 66 practices with high volumes of adolescent patients have worked with the project, including participation in a 1-hour office-based educational session focused on using a strength-based approach to address a practice selected risk factor.

Recently Released:
Creating Healthy Opportunities: Conversations with Adolescent Health Experts

The AAP Adolescent Health Partnership Project, in conjunction with the other PIPPAH grantees, releases this series of print and podcast interviews, Creating Healthy Opportunities: Conversations with Adolescent Health Experts, along with relevant resources, which highlights the experience and insights of five experts and their recommendations on how to support the healthy development of our nation's adolescents.

Read or listen to the interviews featuring: Angela Diaz, MD, MPH, FAAP; Shay Bilchik, JD; Richard Kreipe, MD, FAAP; Jane Brown, PhD; and Abigail English, JD.

AAP Chapter Adolescent Health Educational Awards
Fourth Application Cycle Recipients Announced

Four AAP Chapters recently were the recipients of the fourth cycle of the AAP Chapter Adolescent Health Educational Awards, which provides awards of $1,000 each, to assist an AAP chapter or chapters in hosting an adolescent health educational session at a local, state, or regional level. The award program is sponsored by the AAP Adolescent Health Partnership Project. Iowa, Maine, Florida, and District II (New York state) will be focusing on adolesent health issues that are relevant to thier members, including cyberbullying, adolescent transitions, effects of media on adolescent health, and expedited partner therapy (EPT). In addition, all applicants include information on the importance of promoting adolescents' strengths and resiliency.

The chapters that received awards from the first cycle include Indiana, Kansas, New York Chapter 1, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. In the second cycle, awards were presented to the following AAP Chapters: Mississippi, Arizona and Maryland. The third application cycle for the AAP Chapter Adolescent Health Educational Awards provided educational awards to the Kansas, Georgia, and Illinois AAP Chapters.

These educational events have reached over 900 participants and have helped the AAP Chapters devote more attention to adolescent health issues and develop new collaborative relationships within thier chapter or state.

For more information, contact Charlotte Zia, Program Manager, AAP Adolescent Health Partnership Project at or 847-434-7870.

Annual Educational Web cast Archive Available
Talking With Teens About Healthy Sexual Relationships

Adolescents in the United States fare poorly in regards to their sexual health as compared to other industrialized nations. Through this archived Web cast, sponsored by the AAP Adolescent Health Partnership Project, you can learn about research examining these differences and learn a new approach towards promoting positive sexual health for our youth patients.  Let’s talk to youth about healthy relationships and sexual health from the waist up!

Learn more about this exciting and informative educational session, including speaker presentations and an archived recording of the session.

Needs Assessment Results:
Views of AAP Chapters and resident-in-training collected

The project completed an assessment with a sample of 300 pediatric residents about thier training on adolescent health issues. A summary of the results is available.

New activities are being developed to assist AAP chapters in elevating adolescent health within their region. The activites reflect the responses to a needs assessment conducted with AAP Chapters in Feburary 2008, as well as a needs assessment conducted in 2010 with chapter level adolescent committeee chairpersons in 17 AAP Chapters.

PIPPAH Member Organizations
Learn what the other PIPPAH partners are doing around adolescent health.

American Bar Association
American College of Preventive Medicine
City MatCH
Healthy Teen Network
National Association of County and City Health Officials
National Conference of State Legislators
National Institute for Health Care Management


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