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Surveys and Survey Instruments

Pediatrician's Practices Regarding Patients' Exposure to Environmental Tobacco Smoke (November 2000)
This American Public Health Association survey explored pediatricians' information gathering and documentation practices regarding patients' exposure to environmental tobacco smoke (ETS) and their perception of the effect of ETS on the health of their patients and practice community. Refer to this Web site for an abstract of the survey results.

Asthma Management in Pediatric Offices (1993)
This 8-page, self-administered questionnaire was sent to 1600 active US Fellows of the American Academy of Pediatrics (FAAP) to explore the management of acute asthma in pediatric office settings. The response rate was 71%. Select this link to review the survey's results.

Cigarette Smoke, an Environmental Hazard (1999)
This survey was mailed to more than 1,600 US FAAP and yielded a response rate of 58%. Review this summary to learn more about pediatrician's efforts to counsel patients on environmental hazards.

Emergency Readiness of Pediatric Offices (June 1995)
This report presents findings from Periodic Survey #27, which explored the state of readiness for common emergencies of office-based pediatric practices. Initiated by the American Academy of Pediatrics Committee on Pediatric Emergency Medicine, the findings from this survey will assist the committee in developing programs for continuing education on initial office management of common pediatric emergencies, training of office staff, and the availability of the equipment/medications necessary to handle such emergencies.

Child Health Measurement Project
The AAP Child Health Measurement Project addresses a component often missing in efforts to improve quality of care—valid and reliable measurement tools to assess the impact of disease and medical treatment on the lives of children and their families. Visit this Web page to learn more about the Children's Health Survey for Asthma (CHSA) project. (The CHSA survey instrument has been listed in several large, federally funded studies. If you are interested in using it, please e-mail

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