2004 Award Recipient - Robert Cooke, MD, FAAP

Dr Cooke, one of the leading figures in the history of Pediatrics, is a graduate of the Sheffield Scientific School of Yale University (BS 1941), Yale University School of Medicine (MD 1944), and received the Sci D, Health Sciences Degree (Honorary) from Yale University in 1995. He completed his residency training at Yale New Haven Hospital and was a John and Mary Markel Scholar. While at Yale, he was the co-discoverer of the sweat test for the diagnosis of cystic fibrosis, still the gold standard for diagnosis of that disorder. With Dr Daniel Darrow, he elucidated the importance of potassium in diarrhea, diabetes and other disorders of fluid and electrolyte balance, leading the way for the development of solutions that saved the lives of millions of children. 






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