Bioethics Resident Curriculum: Case-Based Teaching Guides

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) Section on Bioethics and Committee on
Bioethics have together responded to the need for bioethics education in pediatric training
programs. We have developed a case-based modular curriculum designed to function as a how-to
resource for residency and fellowship training programs. These instructor guides are aimed at
assisting pediatric faculty in helping trainees develop basic competencies in bioethics.

Download the full curriculum including all 15 modules:

Bioethics Resident Curriculum

These modules review relevant resources and identify current debates important in the teaching
of bioethics to medical trainees.

Download individual curriculum modules:

Title Page, Table of Contents, Acknowledgements and Introduction

Session 1. Ethics Education and Available Resources
Douglas J. Opel, MD, MPH, FAAP

Session 2. Religious, Cultural, and Philosophical Objections to Care
Douglas S. Diekema, MD, MPH, FAAP

Session 3. Training Issues for Residents and Students: Ethical and
Professional Conflicts in the Context of Valued Learning Opportunities

Alex Okun, MD, FAAP, and Waseem Hafeez, MBBS, FAAP

Session 4. Informed Consent and Assent in Pediatrics
Yoram T. Unguru, MD, MS, MA

Session 5. Minors as Decision-Makers
Joel E. Frader, MD, MA, FAAP, and Erin Flanagan, MD

Session 6. Availability and Use of Pediatric Enhancements
Ferdinand D. Yates, Jr, MD, MA, FAAP

Session 7. Iatrogenesis: Exploring Ethical Obligations
Tomas J. Silber, MD, FAAP

Session 8. Malpractice and Disclosure of Errors
Sadath A. Sayeed, MD, JD, and Robert D. Truog, MD, FAAP

Session 9. Pediatrician-Parent-Patient Relationship: Obligations of Veracity,
Fidelity, and Confidentiality

Mary B. Adam, MD, MA, PhD, FAAP

Session 10. Autonomy, Beneficence, and the Rights of Parents and Children:
Exploring the Application of Ethical Principles in Pediatrics

Christy L. Cummings, MD, FAAP, and Mark R. Mercurio, MD, MA, FAAP

Session 11. Institutional Ethics Committees
Micah Hester, PhD

Session 12. Brain Death, Permanent Vegetative State, and Medical Futility
Diane Plantz, MD, and John Lantos, MD, FAAP

Session 13. Critically Ill Newborns
Mark R. Mercurio, MD, MA, FAAP

Session 14. Maternal-Fetal Conflict
Susan F. Townsend, MD, FAAP

Session 15. Genetic Testing and Screening of Children
Lainie Friedman Ross, MD, PhD, FAAP

AAP Ethics Teaching Module:

Training issues for residents and students, Part II: Ethical and professional conflicts in trainees’ roles as subordinates
Waseem Hafeez, MBBS, FAAP and Alex Okun MD, FAAP


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