Letter from the Web Editor - Brenda Jean Mears, MD, FAAP

September 20, 2015

Good day to all of you,

You may reach our latest section page update from your “My AAP” page. 

Please remember that links are not necessarily stable.  Over time a number of broken links and various errors have developed on the web site.  I will continue to correct them as time allows.  Some of the links, such as YouTube links or news articles may not be retrievable.

There are updates in many of the sections including the policy statements, current articles, classic articles and all 3 book pages. We are continuing to add links in the External Organizations Policy Statements and Other Reports list. 

Most of the pages are organized under the same topic headings as the articles files.  An exception is in the media pages.  Movies are alphabetized by name of the movie.  TV and shorter programs are a mix of name of the program and topics.  Bioethics articles from Pediatrics in Review are alphabetized by author.

The newsletter archive includes newsletters from past years.  Our Pediatrics in Review articles and AAP Grand Rounds articles are linked on the website.

These projects are for your interest and use.  Most of the information included is not endorsed by the AAP or by me personally.  The news articles and blog links in particular, may sometimes have inaccurate information.  The goal is to spark ideas, discussions and assist you in anticipating what your families may wish to discuss.

Since it is impossible to follow everything published, what is included is, of necessity, idiosyncratic.  If you see something we have overlooked please send it on.  I will try to include in the next update. We are specifically looking to increase the number of bioethical studies, bioethical novels and useful policies from other organizations in our reference lists.

Our Section on Bioethics Listserv is valuable for sharing knowledge and thoughts about our section activities and bioethics.  Any of our members may post to the LISTSERV® e-mail list at Bioethics@listserv.aap.org. If you are not receiving at least occasional messages from me let me know at bjmears@arboroaks.com or at bjmears@sbcglobal.net .

My thanks to Anjie Emanuel, the members of the Section Executive Committee and all the others who provide assistance in the ongoing projects of our Section.

Brenda Jean Mears


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