Pediatric Ethics Essay Contest Winners

2016 Essay Contest Winner
1st Place- Kristina Catrine, MD FAAP
"Incompatible with Long Life" Does Not Mean "Allow to Suffer"

2nd Place- Alex Lion, DO
(Co-authors: Jodi Skiles MD, MS- Alexia Torke, MD, MS- J. Daniel Young, Mdiv Dmin- Mary Ott, MD, MA)
"Ethics Case Study in Spirituality in Pediatrics Oncology: Physician Prayer"

2015 Essay Contest Winner
1st Place - Heidi Kamrath, DO, FAAP
"Decision Making in the Grey Zone"

2nd Place- Stephanie Kukora, MD, FAAP
"The Future Comprehensive Counseling: Beyond Quoting Statistics"

2014 Essay Contest Winner
Jorge Alberto Ramos-Guerrero, MD (author) & Regina Okhuysen-Cawley, MD (translator)
"Living and Dying in Myan" PDF

2013 Essay Contest Winner
1st Place - Kathryn Shipp, MD, FAAP
"Doing Everything is an Easy Thing to Do" PDF

-2013 Honorable Mentions-
Bonnie Arzuaga, MD, FAAP
"What Difference Does a Day Make?" PDF

Jessica Brunkhorst, MD, FAAP
"Then and Now: 50 years of Neonatal Medicine and Ethics" PDF

Soo Hyun Kwon, MD, FAAP
"Diagnostic imperative meets parental autonomy: the shared decision making continuum" PDF

Erin Talati, MD, FAAP
"Palliation as Innovation: Balancing Non-Abandonment and Primum Non Nocere" PDF

Meaghann Weaver, MD
"An Agrarian Analogy: Seeking, Stumbling, Shepherding in Medicine"

2012 Essay Contest Winners
1st Place - Matthew Brothers, MD
"The Complexity of Anonymity" PDF

2nd Place - Bernadette Pfang
"To the Heart of the Problem: Dare We Seek A Unified Approach Towards Treatment of Neonates with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome?" PDF

2011 Essay Contest Winners
1st Place - Scott Pugh, MD, FAAP
“For Paternalism’s Sake” PDF

Tie for 2nd Place:
Liza-Marie Johnson, MD, MPH and Justin Baker, MD, FAAP

“Pediatric POLST: Getting it Right in the Emergency Department” PDF

Yolanda Reid Chassiakos, MD, FAAP
“The Good Samaritan” PDF

2010 Essay Contest Winners
1st Place - Aviva Katz, MD
"Thoughts on Ethical Issues Encountered at a High Tech Intersection: Antenatal Diagnosis and Counseling and ART" PDF

2nd Place - Sid Johnson, MD, FACS
"Adolescent Bariatric Procedures: Do Ethics Influence the Surgical Options?" PDF

Tie for 3rd Place:
Ari Reichstein, MD

"ECMO, Evidence, and the Marginal Candidate: Navigating Uncertainty at the Extremes of Care" PDF

Shawn Safford, MD
"Ethics of Disaster Medicine in Haiti" PDF

2009 Essay Contest Winners
1st Place - Sabrina Derrington, MD, FAAP

"Advocating Autonomy: Fulfilling Our Duty to Adolescents at the End of Life" PDF

2nd Place - Herbert Joseph Bonifacio, MD
"A Difficult Position: To Confirm or Deny an Adolescent Patient's 'Friend' Request" PDF

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