Pediatric Ethics Essay Contest

The 9th annual essay contest is open to all medical students, trainees, and pediatricians (including pediatric subspecialists and pediatric surgical specialists). The winning essays are published in the Section on Bioethics Newsletter and on this web page. Winners are also acknowledged at the AAP National Conference and Exhibition (NCE) Section on Bioethics program. $300 is awarded to the 1st Place essay.

The 2014 essay contest is now closed. Thanks for your submissions. Here is the winning essay.

2014 Essay Contest Winner

Jorge Alberto Ramos-Guerrero, MD (author) & Regina Okhuysen-Cawley, MD (translator)
"Living and Dying in Myan" PDF

Below are winning essays from previous years:

2013 Essay Contest Winner

1st Place - Kathryn Shipp, MD, FAAP
"Doing Everything is an Easy Thing to Do" PDF

2013 Honorable Mentions

Bonnie Arzuaga, MD, FAAP
"What Difference Does a Day Make?" PDF

Jessica Brunkhorst, MD, FAAP
"Then and Now: 50 years of Neonatal Medicine and Ethics" PDF

Soo Hyun Kwon, MD, FAAP
"Diagnostic imperative meets parental autonomy: the shared decision making continuum" PDF

Erin Talati, MD, FAAP
"Palliation as Innovation: Balancing Non-Abandonment and Primum Non Nocere" PDF

Meaghann Weaver, MD
"An Agrarian Analogy: Seeking, Stumbling, Shepherding in Medicine"

2012 Essay Contest Winners

1st Place - Matthew Brothers, MD
"The Complexity of Anonymity" PDF

2nd Place - Bernadette Pfang
"To the Heart of the Problem: Dare We Seek A Unified Approach Towards Treatment of Neonates with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome?" PDF

2011 Essay Contest Winners

1st Place - Scott Pugh, MD, FAAP
“For Paternalism’s Sake” PDF

Tie for 2nd Place:

Liza-Marie Johnson, MD, MPH and Justin Baker, MD, FAAP

“Pediatric POLST: Getting it Right in the Emergency Department” PDF

Yolanda Reid Chassiakos, MD, FAAP
“The Good Samaritan” PDF

2010 Essay Contest Winners

1st Place - Aviva Katz, MD
"Thoughts on Ethical Issues Encountered at a High Tech Intersection: Antenatal Diagnosis and Counseling and ART" PDF

2nd Place - Sid Johnson, MD, FACS
"Adolescent Bariatric Procedures: Do Ethics Influence the Surgical Options?" PDF

Tie for 3rd Place:

Ari Reichstein, MD

"ECMO, Evidence, and the Marginal Candidate: Navigating Uncertainty at the Extremes of Care" PDF

Shawn Safford, MD
"Ethics of Disaster Medicine in Haiti" PDF

2009 Essay Contest Winners

1st Place - Sabrina Derrington, MD, FAAP
"Advocating Autonomy: Fulfilling Our Duty to Adolescents at the End of Life" PDF

2nd Place - Herbert Joseph Bonifacio, MD
"A Difficult Position: To Confirm or Deny an Adolescent Patient's 'Friend' Request" PDF

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