About the Section on Bioethics (SOB)

The Section on Bioethics was founded in 1988 and is dedicated to providing the general pediatrician and pediatric sub specialist with an understanding of the basic principles of bioethics and to help promote the importance of compassion, sensitivity, commitment, and high moral standards in the delivery of health care. In addition, the Section offers input to the AAP Board of Directors on bioethical issues and works with the AAP Committee on Bioethics to provide input to official Academy policy in this area.

The Section on Bioethics holds its business meetings and hosts educational programs at the National Conference and Exhibition (NCE). Topics addressed at past education programs have included infant organ transplantation, maternal substance abuse, ethical decision making in critical care, end-of-life decision making, ethics and the underserved, as well as joint programs with other sections on issues in child abuse and neglect, informed consent, borderline viability in neonates, performance enhancement in sports and emergency medicine.

The Section produces a semiannual newsletter which features reports or Section activities and educational programs, as well as brief articles on current topics in bioethics. A directory of the Section's membership is in progress. The directory will provide contact information and information on the areas of interest and expertise of Section members.

The section website includes lists of current and older articles, 3 separate book lists, information on links to relevant policies and links to our bioethics curriculum as well as other information. The Section also maintains a page on the Member Center to inform members of current activities. If you are a member of the Section on Bioethics, log onto the Member Center and visit the official Section on Bioethics Web page.


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