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The Section on Child Abuse and Neglect, founded in 1988, is dedicated to improving the care of infants, children, and adolescents who are abused and neglected by providing an educational forum for the discussion of problems and treatments relating to child abuse and neglect and its prevention. 

Membership in SOCAN is open to all Fellows of the AAP.  SOCAN members need not be trained in, have experience or expertise in, or be practicing in the field of Child Abuse Pediatrics.  Membership in the Section should not be construed as evidence of certification or expertise in Child Abuse and Neglect. If you are interested in learning more about subspecialty certification in Child Abuse Pediatrics, visit the American Board of Pediatrics Web site.

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The AAP and the SOCAN will once again be co-sponsoring another
Inter-CAP: An International Conference on Child Abuse Pediatrics,
scheduled for June 12-15, 2017 in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

To learn more and sign up for updates, click here to visit the conference website. For the course brochure, click here.

The deadline for abstract submission is December 15, 2016. For more information and the link for submissions, click here.

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The Child Maltreatment 2014 report presents national data about child abuse and neglect known to child protective services agencies in the United States.

Highlights from the report include the following:

  • The national estimates of children who received an investigation or alternative response increased 7.4 percent from 2010 (3,023,000) to 2014 (3,248,000).
  • The number and rate of victims of maltreatment have fluctuated during the past 5 years. Comparing the national estimate of victims from 2010 (698,000) to 2014 (702,000) show an increase of less than 1 percent.
  • Three-quarters (75.0%) of victims were neglected, 17.0 percent were physically abused, and 8.3 percent were sexually abused.
  • Victims in their first year of life continue to have the highest rate of victimization at 24.4 per 1,000 children of the same age in the national population.
  • The majority of victims consisted of three races or ethnicities—White (44.0%), Hispanic (22.7%), and African-American (21.4%).
  • For 2014, a nationally estimated 1,580 children died of abuse and neglect at a rate of 2.13 per 100,000 children in the national population; nearly three-quarters (70.7%) were younger than 3 years old.

Additional information on child abuse and neglect is available on the Child Welfare Information Gateway website at

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