AAP Policy

Abusive Head Trauma in Infants and Children (5/09, reaffirmed 3/13)

Caregiver Fabricated Illness in a Child: A Manifestation of Child Maltreatment (9/13)

Child Abuse, Confidentiality, and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (1/10, reaffirmed 1/14)

Child Fatality Review (9/10, reaffirmed 5/14)

Child Sex Trafficking and Commercial Sexual Exploitation: Health Care Needs of Victims (3/15)

Distinguishing Sudden Infant Death Syndrome from Child Abuse Fatalities (7/06, reaffirmed 1/10, 3/13)

Evaluating Children with Fractures for Child Physical Abuse (1/14)

Evaluation for Bleeding Disorders in Suspected Child Abuse (4/13)

Evaluating for Suspected Child Abuse: Conditions that Predispose to Bleeding Technical Report (4/13)

Evaluation of Children in the Primary Care Setting When Sexual Abuse Is Suspected (8/13)

Evaluation of Sexual Behaviors of Children (9/09, reaffirmed 3/13)

Evaluation of Suspected Child Physical Abuse Clinical Report (5/15)

Eye Examination in the Evaluation of Child Abuse (7/10, under revision)

Failure to Thrive as a Manifestation of Child Neglect (11/05, reaffirmed 5/09)

Forgoing Life-Sustaining Medical Treatment in Abused Children (11/00, reaffirmed 6/03, 2/07, 2/10)

Intimate Partner Violence (5/10, reaffirmed 5/14)

Maltreatment of Children with Disabilities (5/07, reaffirmed 1/11, under revision)

Oral and Dental Aspects of Child Abuse and Neglect (12/05, reaffirmed 5/09, 1/14)

Pediatrician's Role in the Prevention of Child Maltreatment (9/10, reaffirmed 10/14)

Protecting Children From Sexual Abuse by Health Care Providers (8/11, reaffirmed 10/14)

Psychological Maltreatment Clinical Report (7/12, reaffirmed 4/16)

Recognizing and Responding to Medical Neglect (12/07, reaffirmed 1/11)

Understanding the Behavioral and Emotional Consequences of Child Abuse (9/08, under revision)