Practice Management

Implementation of screening tools

Resources have been developed to assist health care providers in implementing screening tools in clinical settings. Below are files and links to resources that have been used by health care providers in determining how to best implement regular screening activities with their patients.

Implementing screening and assessment includes a number of steps in a clinical setting. The Screening and Assessment section focuses on the screening instruments that can be used for screening and diagnosis. The Training Resources for Office Staff page provides resources for training other office staff and health care providers in implementing screening, assessment, and surveillance activities.

Interpreting Screening Tests to Families and Encouraging Follow Through PDF
Tips for explaining screening results and recommendations to parents.

Different Screens, Different Results: What Does This Mean for Primary Care? PDF
Spring 2010 SODBP Newsletter

Changing Developmental Screening Practice in the Real World PDF
How to apply the change principles to the problem of improving developmental screening practice in the primary care.

Standards for Screening Test Construction PDF
Review of standards for screening test construction

High Quality Developmental Screening PDF
Getting ready to change screening practices

ABCD (Assuring Better Child Health and Development): Screening & Surveillance, Referral and Linkages to Community Resources in Primary Care PDF
Spring 2010 SODBP Newsletter (pdf)

Delivering Difficult News PDF
Information for providers on delivering diagnosis/results to patients

National Early Childhood Technical Assistance Center (NECTAC) at the University of North Carolina
Provides technical assistance for professionals

Caring for Children with ADHD: A Resource Toolkit for Clinicians, 2nd Edition
Available at the AAP store, this toolkit, published by the AAP and National Initiative for Children’s Healthcare Quality (NICHQ), includes diagnosis information, including the Vanderbilt Assessment Scales and scoring resources, treatment information, and parent information and support resources.

AAP Periodic Survey of Fellows

Executive Summary for the AAP Periodic Survey of Fellows (#53) from 2002 which explored pediatricians’ experiences with identifying children <36 months at risk for developmental problems and their perceptions of, involvement with, and referrals to Early Intervention (EI) programs.

Executive Summary for the AAP Periodic Survey of Fellows (#59) from 2004 which assessed pediatricians’ attitudes toward, frequency of, and barriers to identifying, managing and referring children and adolescents with mental health problems, as well as mothers with depression. The survey also addressed pediatricians’ perception of availability of mental health services in the community, the extent of their mental health education and their interest in future education in this area.

Relevant SODBP Newsletter Articles

Developmental Screening in Primary Care: A Short Overview of the Process, Challenges, and Benefits of Implementing a Screening Program PDF
Spring 2009 SODBP Newsletter

Developmental Checkups for All Children—Three Good Choices for Practices and Providers: ASQ, PEDS, and PEDS: DM PDF
Spring 2009 SODBP Newsletter

Explaining the Results of a “Failed” Screen PDF
Fall 2007 SODBP Newsletter

Implementing Developmental Screening: The Boys Town Experience PDF
Fall 2008 SODBP Newsletter

Screening with Validated Instruments Saves Time and Money PDF
Fall 2007 SODBP Newsletter

Timing and Content of Developmental Screening: The New AAP Policy on Early Detection PDF
Fall 2007 Special Edition SODBP Newsletter

Use of the Modified Checklist for Autism in Toddlers in General Pediatric Settings PDF
Spring 2009 SODBP Newsletter

Implementing Computerized Adolescent Behavioral Health Screening in the Emergency Department PDF
Fall 2009 SODBP Newsletter

ASHA CONNECTIONS: Bilingual Language Learners, Early Hearing Assessment PDF
Fall 2008 SODBP Newsletter

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