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Alvin H. Jacobs Award

The Alvin H. Jacobs Award recognizes outstanding lifetime contribution in the field of pediatric dermatology.

Alvin H. Jacobs, M.D. was a Professor of Clinical Dermatology & Pediatrics at Stanford University School of Medicine. Dr. Jacobs received his medical doctorate from Johns Hopkins University, after which he trained in pediatrics, neurology, and infectious diseases. He developed a keen interest in pediatric dermatology and in 1958 was appointed clinical professor of dermatology and pediatrics at Stanford University. During his career, Dr. Jacobs authored numerous journal articles, book chapters and books and was a sought after speaker. He was a member of the American Academy of Pediatrics since 1943 and a founder and president of the Society for Pediatric Dermatology. He is considered a father of pediatric dermatology; his vision and leadership were essential to the field's development.





Daniel Krowchuk accepts the 2016 award from
Anne Lucky and Tony Mancini
in Minneapolis, MN








Patricia Treadwell accepts the 2015 award from
Julie Prendiville in Boston, MA



Al Lane accepts the 2014 award from
Anna Bruckner in Coeur d'Alene, ID



Maureen Rogers (center) accepts the 2011 award with
Drs. Buddy Cohen (left) and Bill Weston (right).



Dr. Paul Honig, 2010 recipient, with Drs. Albert Yan and
Larry Eichenfield in Portland, Oregon.


2009 recipient, Dr. Anne Lucky (right) with
Dr. Bernice Krafchik in Philadelphia



Dr. Mary Williams accepts the 2008 Alvin Jacobs Award
from Dr. Ilona Frieden at the SPD meeting in Snowbird, Utah

Dr. Andrew Margileth accepts the 2007 award from Dr. Robert Silverman at the SPD meeting in Chicago.
Dr. Bernice Krafchik, 2006 recipient, with Marg Mather, her longtime administrative assistant at the Hospital for Sick Kids (Toronto.)

List of recipients:
2016 Daniel P. Krowchuk, MD, FAAP
2015 Patricia A. Treadwell, MD, FAAP
2014 Alfred T. Lane, MD
2013 Ronald C. Hansen, MD, FAAP
2011 Maureen Rogers, MD
2010 Paul Honig, MD, FAAP
2009 Anne Weissman Lucky, MD, FAAP
2008 Mary L. Williams, MD, FAAD
2007 Andrew M. Margileth, MD, FAAP
2006 Bernice R. Krafchik, MB, ChB, FRCPC
2005 James Rasmussen, MD
2003 William L. Weston, MD, FAAP
2002 Walter W. Tunnessen, Jr., MD, FAAP
1998 Sam Weinberg, MD
1991 Nancy Burton Esterly, MD, FAAP
1989 Sidney Hurwitz, MD
1988 Alvin H. Jacobs, FAAP

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