Section on Endocrinology

The Section on Endocrinology, founded in 1989, is committed to improving the care of infants, children, and adolescents with endocrinological disorders. The following are objectives of the section: 1) to provide an educational forum for the discussion of problems and treatments relating to endocrinology, 2) stimulating research in, and the teaching of endocrinology, and 3) disseminating knowledge of endocrinology through Academy channels to the medical profession at large. The Academy has often called upon the Section on Endocrinology to consult on matters such as national policy statements in the area of pediatric endocrinology.

Membership in the Section is open to all Fellows (Fellows, Post-Residency Training Fellows, Retired Fellows, Emeritus Fellows, Corresponding Fellows, Honorary Fellows, Life Fellows, and CPS/AAP Dual Fellows) of the Academy with an interest in endocrinology. The Section dues are assessed at $30 annually. In addition, the Section is open to Affiliate Members including Pediatric Endocrinology Nurses and Diabetes Educators that are not eligible for AAP membership. Affiliate membership dues are assessed at $60 annually.

The Section on Endocrinology holds its educational programs in conjunction with the AAP National Conference and Exhibition (NCE). The educational programs are directed to the practicing pediatrician on topics such as: short stature, precocious puberty, diabetes mellitus, and other common endocrinological problems that may present in the general pediatrician's office. The Section Executive Committee works collaboratively with the Pediatric Endocrinology Society (PES) and meets in conjunction with the PES Annual Meeting. Additionally, the Section works with other AAP committees and sections on policy statements and practice guidelines.

The Section publishes a biannual newsletter. This newsletter contains reports from the Executive Committee and Council on Sections, issues facing the pediatric endocrinologist, as well as brief laboratory and clinical updates.