Building Professional Partnerships Between Families
and Their HealthCare Providers!

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History of the PAG

The Section on Home has partnered with a parent consultant since 2001. Ms Denise Callarman joined the section then as our parent consultant and partner and this relationship sparked the idea of a Parent Advisory Group. In 2006 the PAG was approved by the AAP's Board of Directors for a 3-year pilot project and the project got underway in 2007.

Mission of the PAG
To be a resource for and promote understanding among Academy members of the importance of family-centered care and the roles for families in health care and in health care re-design.

We serve as a pilot initiative to encourage family-professional partnerships in AAP committees, sections, councils, boards, chapters and other groups to improve patient quality and safety, policy development, and facility design and to improve the overall health and well-being of all children.

Pictured: Candace Tate and Karen Tate (Member of the PAG)

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PAG Objectives

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For more information, please contact Teri Salus, Section Manager

Pictured: Katie Moore
(Daughter of PAG Member Laura Moore)