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International Child Health Network (ICHN) is available. Please visit the ICHN and participate to establish connections that foster cooperation around the world.

ICATCH - International Access to Child Health

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Donate to SOICH Programs through the AAP Friends of Children Fund

Once you log in to the "Friends of Children Fund" web page, please make sure you designate your funds to the Section on International Child Health - General Support, the ICATCH Program, or the Resident International Elective Awards.

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The Section will implement programs to enhance professional capacity regarding child health and well being. We will focus on: 1) Problems and priorities in international child health; 2) Humanitarian assistance and emergency relief; 3) Teaching and training in international child health; 4) Educational opportunities for international colleagues.


The Section will develop and provide: 1) Information and networking resources; 2) Opportunities to become involved in international child health; 3) Support and hospitality for international visitors.


The Section will advocate for: 1) The inherent worth and rights of all children; 2) Recognition by pediatricians and policy makers of the responsibilities for improving the health and well-being of all children and their families.


The Section will: 1) Establish relationships and partnerships that result in improved outcomes for children; 2) Provide information and direction on children’s priorities, needs, and issues at the global level for the Academy.



  • Continue the Annual Section program of ICH at the NCE meeting;
  • Support the Section’s new Newsletter with two issues each devoted to abstracts of the best articles on ICH;
  • Support courses on Complex Humanitarian Emergences, with IPA and AAP, in different regions of the world;
  • Support expansion of  NCE international visitor program to include at least two scholarships for short-term training/observation in pediatric centers;
  • Continued development of educational materials focused on global child health issues;
  • Continue development of standardized pediatric residency curriculum and toolkit for international child health electives.


  • Maintenance of a quality website that can be a resource for our members and others;
  • Develop and maintain the International Child Health Network;
  • Support the Health Volunteers Overseas mission and activities;
  • Fund electives for pediatric residents through international travel grants;
  • Sustain the International CATCH program;
  • Support the increased usage of the CHILDisaster Network.


  • Support international colleagues in achieving their child health priorities and the Millennium Development Goals;
  • Share the “Rights of the Child” workshops with colleagues worldwide and support the mission of the Society for Equity in Child Health;
  • Support an Advocacy workshop with a regional pediatric meeting periodically;
  • Support the efforts of organizations who work for the benefit of children abroad through legislative advocacy abroad and in the USA.


  • Continue a close working relationship with the AAP Office of International Affairs;
  • Complete a periodic survey all Section members to ascertain their priorities, needs and issues to find out how the Section can assist them;
  • Develop liaisons with Chapters and Sections to explore and accomplish collaborative activities;
  • Develop an ongoing relationship and communication with the Presidents of Pediatric societies around the world, initially with Canada, Mexico, Haiti, and Britain;
  • Establish liaisons with key international organizations such as: WHO, IPA, UNICEF, USAID, GHEC and GHC.


AAP = American Academy of Pediatrics
CATCH = Community Access to Child Health=
GHC = Global Health Council
GHEC = Global Health Education Consortium
NCE = AAP’s National Convention and Exhibition
ICH = International Child Health
IPA = International Pediatric Association
USAID = United States Agency for International Development
WHO = World Health Organization