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ICATCH - International Community Access to Child Health


ICATCH helps empower pediatricians and child health workers in some of the poorest regions of the world to put into practice their own innovative solutions to the child health challenges they face every day.

We do this by providing both financial and technical support to grant recipients who are developing and implementing a program or project that improves child health in their community.  Priority is given to applicants from low-income and low-middle-income countries. Funding is $2000 per year for 3 years. 

ICATCH grants emphasize:

  1. Partnerships with governmental and/or nongovernmental agencies or groups (such as public health centers, schools, faith-based groups or local businesses)
  2. Sustainability and growth of the program beyond the funding period
  3. Expansion of successful strategies to other communities or regions

2015 Call For Proposals
Further information and the application for our next grant cycle will be posted in August 2015.  

Preliminary timeline for the next cycle is:

On-line application: 08/10/2015

Early Deadline (Allows for feedback from reviewers: 10/12/2015

Final Deadline: 01/18/2016

Grant Awards Announced: 04/2016

3-Year Funding Cycle: 07/2016-06/2019

2015 applications will be similar to 2014 and available in August 10, 2015.
To view 2014 application and information, click on links below.
PLEASE NOTE:  2014 application forms will not be accepted in place of the 2015 application; please use only the 2015 application form.

  1. 2014 Quick Facts (pdf)
  2. 2014 Call for Proposals (pdf)
  3. 2014 Application (Word) (this form will not be accepted in place of 2015 application)

For more information about the ICATCH application process, please contact:
Dr. Donna Staton


Past ICATCH Grants
(Listed in Alphabetical order per grant year by Name of Project Director, Country: Program Title)

2015 (January 2015 to December 2017)

  • Arty, Genevieve, Haiti: Hydroxyurea to Treat Sickle Cell Disease in Haiti
  • Gonbo, Spalchen, India: Helping Babies Breathe in Ladakh, India
  • Braitstein, Paula, Kenya: Peer Navigators Supporting HIV Treatment for Street Youth
  • Teixeira, Lucilia, Mozambique: Supplemental Nutrition for Infants With Failure-to-Thrive in Mozambique
  • Hlaing, Naomi, Myanmar: Targeted Vaccination Opportunities for Children, Hepatitis-B Prevention
  • Mwebe, Edward, Uganda: Community Empowerment in Health-Plus, Mukono

2014 (January 2014 to December 2016)

  • De Oliveira, Vysolela, Angola: Sickle Cell Education and Screening for Angolan Adolescents
  • Thomas, Angela, Belize: Protecting Smiles for Healthier Futures in Southern Belize
  • Morgan, Jon, Cambodia: Implementing Helping Babies Breathe in Remote Floating Villages
  • Marimuthu, K, India: Home-Based Care Program for Infants in Krishnagiri, India
  • Sam-Agudu, Nadia, Nigeria: Support for Adolescents with HIV in Boarding School
  • Bakeera-Kitaka, Sabrina, Uganda: Promoting Adolescent Medicine in Uganda

2013 (January 2013 to December 2015)

  • Donkor, Clement, Ghana: Community Malaria Prevention Project
  • Ruhl, Laura, Kenya: Improving Access to Health Care for Street Children
  • Marshall, Roseda, Liberia: Enhanced Well Child Care for Adolescent Mothers and Infants
  • Phiri, Godfrey, Malawi: Teen Support Line, Malawi
  • Guitierrez, Gerardo, Nicaragua: Mobile Health Kits for Use in Vulnerable Communities
  • Kemigisha, H., Uganda: Tackling Malnutrition Through Peer Education in Schools

2012 (January 2012 to December 2014)

  • Akello-Ayebare, Grace, Uganda: Childhood Epilepsy in N.Uganda Children as Health Workers
  • Ariani, MKes, Indonesia: Improving the Understanding & Implementation of IMCI - Urban Community Health Workers
  • Economides, Sharon Craig, Afghanistan: Daireyeh Waledin (Circle of Parents)  
  • Mallewa, Macpherson, Malawi: Training Program for Management of Neurodisabled Malawian Children
  • Okafor, Henrietta, Nigeria: Balanced Early Nutrition for Development (BEND)
  • Rasul, Choudhury H., Bangladesh: Promotion of Child Health in Primary School

2011 (January 2011 to December 2013)

  • Dantil, Ketheline, Haiti: Health Care for Haiti’s Children
  • Okoh, Emmanuel, Liberia: Developing a Model Medical Home for Liberian Children
  • Otieno, Phelgona, Kenya: Hospital Linkage with Community Child Health in Kisii, Kenya
  • Paz, Cecilia, Ecuador: Sonrisa's Children's Oral Health & Nutrition Project
  • Perez, Daniel, El Salvador: Improving Healthcare & International Collaboration
  • Tam, Tran Thi Hong, Vietnam: Vietnam-First Aid for Childcare Givers & Teachers (VIET-FACTs)
  • Zafar, Naeem, Pakistan: Trained Nurses Detect Cases of Child Malnutrition

2010 (January 2010 to December 2012)

  • Badoe, Eben, Ghana: Child Protection in Ghana
  • Erickson, Charles, Zambia: Zambian Health Evaluation and Education Project
  • Nignpense, Ed, Ghana: Strengthening Community Awareness of Pediatric Poisoning in Ghana
  • Somwe, Wa, Zambia: Asthma Project
  • Yang, Rongwan, China: Dietary Assessment for intake of Vitamin A
  • Wan, Chaomin, China: Rural Children with Diarreah: Primary Care

2009 (January 2009 to December 2011)

  • Ciomartan, Tatiana, Romania: Safe Baby Project
  • Hongyan, Guan, China: Healthy Children-Helathy Community
  • Remetić, Mirjana, Bosnia & Herzegovina: Autism Education and Screening
  • Tolentino, Sara, Dominican Republic: Improving Child Health in the Community
  • Van Wyck, Susan, South Africa: Turn INH Preventive Therapy into Reality
  • Vorasane, Banheng, Laos: Good Nutrition

2008 (January 2008 to December 2010)

  • Lara Hernandez, Luis, Mexico: ADHD and Mental Health Education
  • Locson, Elsie Baronia, Philippines: TB DOTs for Kids
  • Matshaba, Mogomotsi, Botswana: HIV/AIDS Education for School Staff
  • Reyes, Cisneros, Juan Carlos, El Salvador: Undernourished Children
  • Shen, Xiaoming, China: Parent Education for CHild Passenger Safety
  • Soemakto, Indonesia: Improve Understanding of GOBI FFF

2007 (January 2007 to December 2009)

  • Mustafa, Ghluam, Pakistan: The Helping Hands Project
  • Nakakeeto, Margaret, Uganda: The Keyunga Newborn Project
  • Ramirez, Isidro, El Salvador: The Community Education Project
  • Reyes, Alexis, Philippines: Bagong Baranggay Project