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Discussion Board

Welcome to the SOID Discussion Board. The discussion board has been developed as way to engage Section members in professional communication regarding infectious diseases topics and share information. Please have your AAP ID and password available as you will need this information in order to login.

If you are a new user, please review the Quick Reference Guide (pdf) to assist you in getting started.

SOID Discussion Board Etiquette

Participants on these forums are expected to treat each other with dignity and respect. In order to maintain a proper level of discourse, the following kinds of postings are prohibited:

  • Posting any patient identifying information

  • Using offensive language or posting offensive pictures

  • Launching personal attacks against any institution or participant

  • Posting blatantly false and/or misleading information (hypothetical situations are not covered by this restriction)

  • Posting Spam or Advertising

  • Posting unlawful statements

Such postings will be deleted immediately. Individuals who engage in such activity will be publicly warned. Individuals who persist in such behavior will have their posting privileges temporarily or permanently revoked.

Other things to note:

  • Be careful posting anything that is personal to you or others.

  • If your posting is for a specific person or group, make sure you address it to them. Realize, however, that others will probably read it.

  • Make sure everyone realizes when you are trying to be funny. It is easy for messages to be misinterpreted since there are no physical gestures or voice inflections that accompany the text. Use emotion icons to assist in establishing a mood.

  • When responding to someone's comments, explain to whom and what you are commenting on. Do not include their whole posting. Try to use only the appropriate quotes or a summary. Using the "quote".

  • Remember to read what has previously been posted by others to avoid repeating comments.

  • Make sure you are posting under the appropriate heading or thread.

  • Cite your references.

  • Be brief when posting. Since reading other's comments or articles can be very time consuming, try to be straight to the point.


Discussion Board
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