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Welcome to the Section on Internal Medicine & Pediatrics (Med-Peds) Web page! As a Section, we have been busy organizing the Section and advocating for Med-Peds Physicians since 1997. Currently the section has over 2800 members. The Section strives to be the home for physicians trained in and treating adults and children. We have a very strong relationship with the National Med-Peds Residents Association (NMPRA) and the Medicine Pediatrics Program Directors Association to help ensure a strong pipeline and a united voice on activities, research, advocacy and education that is important to med peds physicians.

Please return frequently to check on our progress and our evolving web pages.

2017 is the 50th Anniversary of Med-Peds

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I am excited to begin my term as Chair of the Section on Med-Peds. I would like to thank Allen Friedland for the enthusiasm, initiative, and leadership that he has given the section for the last four years. I know that he will tirelessly continue to improve the Med-Peds world.

Your AAP Section on Med-Peds executive committee is very interested in hearing about ways that we can help you, whether you are a practicing physician, a trainee, or a student. We collaborate closely with the leadership of the National Med-Peds Residents' Association (NMPRA) and the Med-Peds Program Directors' Association (MPPDA) to address issues that affect Med-Peds at all levels, from the pipeline of students interested in joining our field all the way through practitioners recertifying through Maintenance of Certification.

We currently have interest groups that include the med-peds practice and the students/residents/young physicians group. We welcome any interested members of the section to join these interest groups.







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The goals of our section are to promote and advance the work of our dual-trained physicians through advocacy, education, communication, and research. Initiatives include:

  • Advocating on behalf of our practitioners to our parent boards, especially in the area of maintenance of certification.
  • Continuing to perform and publish data on the Med-Peds workforce to inform employers, deans, and policy makers of our valuable contribution to the health system.
  • Improving the workforce pipeline by educating future physicians about careers in Med-Peds.

Please get in touch with us if you are interested in joining one of these activities, or you wish to propose another initiative for the Section to pursue. I am excited to begin this journey with such a talented group of people. With your help, I look forward to continuing the success that Med-Peds has experienced over the last 50 years!

Michael Donnelly, MD

Michael Donnelly, MD
Section on Med-Peds

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