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Section on Ophthalmology
Pediatric Vision Screening
Pediatric Vision Screening Instruction
Free Access!

The series is available free at Screening/Pediatric
Vision Screening.html

The pediatrician plays an important role in preserving a child's vision. Many eye disorders
of early childhood are not apparent without appropriate testing. Early detection of
conditions such as amblyopia, infantile cataract, and retinoblastoma lead to better out-
comes.  Age-appropriate screening tests incorporated into a well child exam may help
save the sight of your next patient.

In forty minutes, the Pediatric Vision Screening "e-Video" reviews examination techniques
for children from birth through five years of age. The presentation also reviews the benefits
of early detection of some common and significant pediatric eye disorders. The program's
modules can be viewed sequentially or individually.

Please contact Jennifer Riefe at if you have questions or comments.


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