Section on Advances in Therapeutics and Technology

About Us

The goals of P-SATT are as follows:

  • To improve communication and relationships with AAP members within industry, academia and government agencies to create opportunity for dialogue with the organizations that employ them
  • To educate AAP membership on the discovery, development, and implementation process for therapeutics and technology
  • To create a vibrant member community and network that will add value to AAP members
  • To serve as a resource and integrate expertise with other Sections, Committees and membership-at-large
  • To explore the research and development process and make recommendations that will improve quality, safety, understanding and efficiency

P-SATT welcomes all AAP members who have an interest in the mission and goals of our Section. While some members work in the pharmaceutical or device industry, the Food and Drug Administration, or the National Institutes of Health, others are pediatricians who share a common interest in pediatric medical advances. We feel that diversity in Section membership will bring about valuable discussions and partnerships with the intent of improving the health of children.

Your contributions to P-SATT will help to determine our success. Here are some ways you can actively participate in the Section:

  • Encourage friends and colleagues to join P-SATT
  • Spread the word about P-SATT to other Sections, Committees and AAP members
  • Be an active contributor to our listserv
  • Consider offering to write an article for our newsletter
  • Suggest topics for the newsletter, Listserv or section activities
  • Join one of our subcommittees and/or suggest a new subcommittee

As members of P-SATT, we look forward to working together to help advance the health and well-being of children. We are always seeking new members who are interested in the goals and activities of our Section.

To join the section, please click here.