Section on Advances in Therapeutics and Technology

Dr. Charles A. Thompson, MD FAAP, Chairperson

On behalf of the Executive Committee of the Section on Advances in Therapeutics and Technology (SOATT), thank you for visiting our home page.

Each and every day, pediatric providers utilize medicines, vaccines, devices and technology in the care of children. Consequently, the process of bringing these advances into practice is critical to the work that we all do. The mission of the SOATT is to advance pediatric health and well-being through collaboration, communication and education on the discovery and development of therapeutics and technology and their successful translation into practice.

SOATT welcomes all AAP members who have an interest in the mission and goals of our Section. While some members work in the pharmaceutical or device industry, the Food and Drug Administration, or the National Institutes of Health, others are pediatricians who share a common interest in pediatric medical advances. We feel that diversity in Section membership will bring about valuable discussions and partnerships with the intent of improving the health of children.

If you or someone you know is interested in joining, please click here.

Charles A. Thompson, MD FAAP
Chair, AAP Section on Advances in Therapeutics and Technology
Global Lead, Pediatric Center of Excellence, Pfizer Inc.