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NeoPREP 2012: New Orleans, LA

NeoPREP: An Intensive Review and Update
of Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine

January 21-27, 2012

NeoPREP 2012

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II: Announcements
III: Pre- & Post-Questionnaire
IV: Educational
V: Evaluations

New Orleans

If you couldn't make it...
NeoPREP 2012 Presentation Slides Synched with Audio for only $999*

Never Before Offered!

Information from over 40 experts in neonatology.

Access to ALL presentations, which includes 12 concurrent sessions.

Over 66 hours of review relating to neonatal-perinatal medicine emphasizing evidence-based decision-making focusing on the scientific basis for the clinical practice of neonatology.

A thorough review of the American Board of Pediatrics content specifications at your fingertips.

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New! Online Pre- and Post-testing for NeoPREP
awarded Part 2 MOC Credit

10 points for those needing ABP recertification!

The NeoPREP Self-Assessment portion of NeoPREP 2012 has been approved for 10 points of American Board of Pediatrics (ABP) Maintenance of Certification™ (MOC) Part II credit.*

Registration is now open for the NeoPrep Conference, January 21-27, 2012, in New Orleans. This is an intensive review and update of neonatal medicine.

What is NeoPREP?

NeoPREP® is a 7-day intensive review of neonatal-perinatal medicine that emphasizes the process of evidence-based clinical decision making and focuses on the scientific basis for the clinical practice of neonatology. The course is, also, a preparatory education program based on the content specifications outline developed by the American Board of Pediatrics (ABP) for the neonatal-perinatal subspecialty. The course content has been developed at an advanced level and is appropriate for individuals preparing for the ABP initial neonatal-perinatal subspecialty examination, as well as for individuals preparing for the examination required by the ABP for Part III of Maintenance of Certification™ (MOC). NeoPREP® emphasizes a learner-centered educational approach featuring lectures, interactive mini-lectures, question-andanswer sessions, group case-based discussions, and mockreview question sessions to provide balanced views of the more controversial issues in neonatal-perinatal medicine. A comprehensive syllabus will be provided to each participant.


NeoPREP® covers content in the following areas: • Analysis/Interpretation of Evidence • Asphyxia and Resuscitation • Fetal and Neonatal Development • Bilirubin Metabolism • Cardiology • Dermatology • Endocrinology • Fluid and Electrolyte Metabolism • Gastroenterology and Nutrition • Genetics and Dysmorphology • Hematology and Oncology • Infection and Immunology • Nephrology • Neurology • Ethics • Pharmacology • Pregnancy, Prenatal Care, Labor and Delivery • Pulmonology • Perinatology • Resuscitation • Surgical Emergencies

You should attend NeoPREP® if you are:

  • Preparing to participate in Maintenance of Certification™ (MOC) in the pediatric subspecialties in neonatal-perinatal medicine administered by the ABP
  • Preparing for the initial board certification examination in neonatal-perinatal medicine
  • A neonatal-perinatal specialist interested in a comprehensive review and update of neonatal-perinatal medicine
  • A pediatrician interested in a unique review and update of neonatal-perinatal medicine that can be applied to daily practice
  • An allied health professional with special interest or experience in treating neonatal-perinatal patients