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Council's Corner

Helpful Vignettes From the ONTPD Council

Facing Change in Your NPM Program

Jae Kim MD, FAAP
University of California San Diego

The one thing in academics is that nothing ever stays the same. As a Program Director, it is an ever facing challenge to keep up with new changes and incorporate them to sustain and improve one's program.

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ONTPD Meeting at Pediatric Academic Societies
Meeting Vancouver 2014

The ONTPD meeting at PAS was attended by 34 program directors/associate program directors, two TECaN representatives, and Dr. Tonse Raju from the NICHD. Some ONTPD members who were not able to travel to the PAS meeting joined the discussion via web conference. Thank you all for joining us!

Topics presented and discussed by the ONTPD Council included:

New Accreditation System Task Force

Clinical Competency Committee

In an effort to aide in optimizing our ongoing endeavours related to the Next Accreditation System the NAS task force has developed three documents related to the CCC that you can use: CCC policy, CCC evaluation reporting tool, and CCC responsibilities. Feel free to edit to better fit the needs of your specific program, or use your own documents that you have developed as well. They have all been vetted by the ONTPD executive council and members of the ONTPD NAS task force, but like all things NAS are not yet written in stone. The next task of the task force is to work on Program Evaluation Committee related documents. Since Milestones are not created to be used as an rotation evaluation tool we will first work on the new required instruments (CCC and PEC tools) and leave overall rotation evaluation for later. We are planning to organize a web conference for ONTPD members, so keep an eye out! Also, if you have developed documents that you think would be helpful to the NAS task force, please send them to Patricia Chess.

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Update on the NAS at the CoPS meeting in Vancouver

At the Council of Pediatric Subspecialists meeting in Vancouver, Mary Lieh-Lai reviewed ACGME current NAS information. We are planning to organize a NAS web conference for our ONTPD group soon.

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Please join the ONTPD Council Task Force

Scholarly Activity Research Network

The SARN task force is developing a research network to facilitate scholarly projects by trainees in the areas of clinical, educational, and translational research.

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