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Preemie Milestones

Supporting You and Your Preemie

Preemie Brochure

Milestone Guidelines for Premature Babies

The Preemie Health Coalition was created in 2005 to help ensure preemies and their families are prepared and supported now to promote good health in the future. As part of our ongoing efforts to create resources for parents of preemies, we have developed a premature baby milestone brochure, Supporting You and Your Preemie. The purpose of this brochure is to encourage families to be active observers of their premature baby's development, to focus attention on their child's strengths and to be aware of areas where they need more support. The brochure contains guidelines for parents to convert term-baby milestones into premature-baby milestones. It also provides questions for parents to discuss with their child's trusted healthcare provider to foster open communication.

Like their full-term peers, premature babies are individuals who develop at their own pace and in their own way. The Supporting You and Your Preemie brochure recognizes that while all children develop skills in a predictable sequence, the rates at which they develop vary.

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