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Butterfield and Cone History Lectures

multimedia presentations

The presentations included on this page are generously shared by the authors. We ask that use of these materials be limited to educational purposes and that users refrain from copying all or part of a presentation to incorporate within their own presentation(s).

A wide variety of other awards is given by the Section on Perinatal Pediatrics throughout the year.



Butterfield History Lectures


2014 Eduardo Bancalari, MD, FAAP
Respiratory Support in the Premature Infant: Where We Have Been and Where We Are Going

2013 Waldemar A. Carlo, MD, FAAP
How to Save One Million Perinatal Lives Per Year Helping Babies Breathe and ENC Training Program

2012 Alan H. Jobe, MD, PhD
Why Research Matters, or Conundrums in Neonatal Research The Past and Future

2011 William J Keenan, MD
Read more about Dr. Keenan »

2010 Roger F. Soll, MD, FAAP
Neonatology A Team Sport

2009 John Kattwinkel, MD, FAAP
Building on the Efforts of Others A Critical Element of Leadership

2008 M. Jeffrey Maisels, MB, BCh, FAAP
Neonatology in the Newborn Nursery What does the Future Hold?
Learn more about Dr. Maisels »

2007 Stanley N. Graven, MD, FAAP
The Continuous Evolution of the NICU Environment Adapting to and Managing Change
Learn more about Dr. Graven »

2006 Michael F. Epstein, MD, FAAP
Leadership – From the Delivery Room to the Board Room

2005 Mildred T Stallman, MD, FAAP
How Does Neonatology Fit Into Maternal and Child Health?

2004 James A Stockman, III, MD, FAAP
The American Board as a Catalyst for Change

2003 Jon Tyson, MD, FAAP
Successful Perinatal Strategies

2002 Richard L Bucciarelli, MD, FAAP
Universal Healthcare Funding for Children Medikids What Would Joe Think?

2001 Michael Cushman
New Government and the New Millennium

2000 Elizabeth J Noyes (Jackie)
Legislative Environment

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