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AAP Perinatal Section Committees

AAP Perinatal Section currently has seven standing committees

Coding & Reimbursement

(Chair: Stephen Pearlman)

The activities of the Coding & Reimbursement Committee and the Coding Trainers Group include sponsorship of district and national coding training workshops as well as advocacy for assessment and recommendations for existing & potential new codes. Drs. Martin and Pearlman provide counsel to RUC regarding adding new neonatal codes & retiring others and advocate for maintaining and/or increasing RVUs and CFs for neonatal codes.

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(Chair: Dilip Bhatt)

The Database Committee maintains and updates the Directory of Neonatologists and Perinatologists as well as the Training Program Directory.

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(Chair: Bill Engle)

The membership committee coordinates the nominations process for district representatives to the Executive Committee as well as for the Chair Elect of the Executive Committee.

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History of Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine

(Chair: Avroy Fanaroff)

This committee records key events in Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine and documents the history of the Section on Perinatal Pediatrics. The committee also works to educate the Section membership regarding the history of Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine.

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(Chair: John Hartline)

The Committee on Practice considers projects to enhance neonatology practices' organizational abilities, to facilitate practice management, to understand workforce needs, and to recruit new associates to fulfill the missions of their practices.

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(Chair: Jorn-Hendrik Weitkamp)

The Research Committee has primarily been focused on research questions/issues for Neonatal Perinatal Medicine. Initially the focus was national but is now attempting to address global academic leadership needs in developing countries. The success of neonatology has resulted in an increasing population of preterm and high-risk infants who will need continuing care and their medical needs are still being defined. Tools to accomplish this task and research to improve outcome for these infants is a new potential focus for the Committee.

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Web site

(Chair: Linda J Van Marter)

The Web site is intended to serve as a valuable resource to Section members and is designed to provide information to four groups: neonatologists, trainees, pediatricians and families. Content of Web site pages is tailored to each group. At the present time, the framework has been completed and we are uploading Web content such as spotlight articles, documents, descriptions, photos, news articles, liaison organizations, resources and useful links that will be incorporated into the Web pages for the four user groups.

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  • Articles of Interest Working Group
    • Jonathan P. Mintzer, Page Editor
    • Rachel Chapman
    • Craig Nankervis
    • Christopher Rouse
    • Jeffrey Shenberger

Committee on the Fetus and Newborn

(Chair, Kristi Watterberg)

The Committee on the Fetus and Newborn (COFN) is an independent Academy group that works closely with the Section on Perinatal Pediatrics to formulate and guide Academy policy on issues relevant to the newborn infant.

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Strategic Initiative Groups 2008-2011

Global Health

(Co-Chairs: William Keenan and Deborah Campbell)

The global health group is working with the Section on International Child Health, the AAP Office of International Health, and other organizations such as the March of Dimes to connect human and other resources with global areas of need in neonatal-perinatal health.


(Co-Chairs: Judy Aschner and Linda J Van Marter)

The leadership group aims to make leadership training an integral part of Section venues as well as to foster leadership among trainees and to identify new leaders to join and ultimately lead Section initiatives.


(Co-Chairs: Carl Bose and Jeffrey Gould)

This group aims to work with other quality-oriented organizations to define quality in neonatal health care, identify robust measures of quality, and develop quality toolkits that will be of use to neonatologists in evaluating and quantifying progress in achieving quality neonatal care.

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