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Butterfield and Cone History Lectures

multimedia presentations

The presentations included on this page are generously shared by the authors. We ask that use of these materials be limited to educational purposes and that users refrain from copying all or part of a presentation to incorporate within their own presentation(s).

A wide variety of other awards is given by the Section on Perinatal Pediatrics throughout the year.



Cone History Lectures


2013 M. Jeffrey Maisells, MB, BCH, DSc
Sister Jean Ward, Phototherapy and Jaundice - A Unique Human and Photochemical Relationship

2012 Michael Green, MD

Two Hundred Years of Obstetrical Practice

2011 Eduardo Bancalari, MD
The Evolution of BPD and Mechanical Ventilation

2010 Jacqueline Noonan, MD, FAAP
The History of Neonatal-Pediatric Cardiology

2009 Robert Bartlett, MD
ECMO 50 Years in the History of Life Support Research

2009 Lawrence Longo, MD, FAAP
Antenatal Pediatrics The Gravid Uterus and its Contents, Fifteeth to Nineteenth Centuries

2007 Tonse Raju, MD, FAAP
William Little, Perinatal Asphyxia and the Etiology of Cerebral Palsy 160 Years of Misunderstanding

2006 Alistair G S Philip, MD, FAAP
Neonatal Bacterial Sepsis Through the Ages

2005 Robert Resnik, MD, FACOG
An Historical Perspective on the Prevention of Prematurity

2004 Harvey L Levy, MD, FAAP
Pediatrics and Public Health The Story of Newborn Screening

2003 Abraham Rudolph, MD, FAAP
Congenital Heart Disease

2002 Larry Gartner, MD, FAAP
Tetanus of the Newborn What the Chinese Knew 2,000 Years Ago

2001 William Silverman, MD, FAAP
From Oxygen to Retrolental Fibroplasia (RLF) to the Present Retinopathy of Prematurity (ROP)

2000 Paul Toubas, MD
Dr. Pierre Budin

1999 Jeffery Baker, MD FAAP
The Incubator The Icon of the NICU

1998 Philip Sunshine, MD FAAP
Pediatric Surgery from a Neonatolgist's Perspective

1997 Peter M Dunn, MD FAAP
Neonatology in the UK From V. Mary Crosse Forward

1996 Maria McCormick, MD, MPH, FAAP
The Transition of Regional Perinatal Care in a Changing Economic Landscape

1996 Sprague Gardiner, MD
A Pioneer in the Regionalization of Perinatal Care

1995 Lawrence Longo, MD
Proto-Neonatology The Children's Bureau and Ethyl Dunham


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