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March of Dimes 2014 Premature Birth Report Card

The March of Dimes released the most recent report card, with the United States receiving an overall grade of “C”, although the preterm birth rate has gradually inched down in each of the last three years (currently at 11.4%). If you want to see how your state is doing, go to the March of Dimes website and click on the map.

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Fast Facts about Preterm Birth

The National Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies Coalition developed a brochure about “Fast Facts: What You Should Know About Preterm Birth”. The brochure is available to download for free on their website in both English and Spanish. The brochure specifically highlights two common causes of preterm birth (having a prior baby born before 37 weeks and a short cervix) and what are some of the considerations for future pregnancies.

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CDC 2014-2015 Flu Season

With the 2014-2015 Flu Season upon us, the CDC has provided detailed information about the flu shots, including what families and their providers should know. Remember to talk to your doctor about the flu shot for you and your child. In addition, remind your family and caretakers that they also need the annual flu shot (both for their own health, as well as to protect your newborn!

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Preemie Voices

Dr. Saroj Saigal

A new book has been written by Dr. Saroj Saigal entitled “Preemie Voices”. It captures the experience of premature infants, including their challenges and achievements. These babies were born in the late 1970s, at McMaster Hospital in Hamilton, Ontario, where Dr. Saigal is a Professor Emeritus. Coupled with the book is a short documentary video (25 minutes) on the website that highlights 10 of those babies in a bit more detail. The video and book are filled with powerful messages for both NICU providers and families, including what life is like for our patients down the line. For more information, go to the website.

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NICU Journal:
A Parents’ Journey

Tab 7: Glossary of NICU Terms

The last section of the “NICU Journal” is a comprehensive glossary of NICU terms that includes both medical and colloquial words you may hear in the NICU. The section is organized in alphabetical order with short, concise definitions.

Tab 1: Getting to Know Your Baby »
Tab 2: Journaling »
Tab 3: Taking Care of You »
Tab 4: Journey Home »
Tab 5: Developmental Milestones »
Tab 6: Common Conditions, Concerns, and Equipment in the NICU »
Tab 7: Comprehensive Glossary of NICU terms »

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@ AAPnicu

AAP Perinatal Section Families Page now has a twitter account to help disseminate some of our health information for families of NICU graduates. Please follow us on Twitter@AAPnicu (AAP NICU Families).

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