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Paid Family Leave In the U.S. - A Real Problem

Jessica Shorttall is a strategy consultant, entrepreneur and mother of two. Her fantastic TED Talk highlights issues with paid parental leave in the United States. Her featured talk also addresses challenges many women face when going back to work, including keeping up with breastfeeding and finding the time and location to pump at work, as well as the challenges of being separated from your newborn, especially if they are still in the hospital.

Jessica Shortall: The US needs paid family leave -- for the sake of its future »

In The Spotlight

Infant Mortality Awareness Month - September

September is Infant Mortality Awareness month. The loss of a baby for any family is not only very sad, but bring emotional and physical pain. This month provides an opportunity not only learn about some causes of infant mortality, but what are some actions that can be taken to help reduce and prevent infant death.

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders Month - September

September 2015 also marks the first annual Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD) month. FASD month is a result of a new effort to increase the recognition of the effects of alcohol during pregnancy. The theme for 2015 is: “Alcohol-and pregnancy: No safe amount; No safe time; No safe alcohol. Period.” You can learn more information on the website of the National Organization on Fetal Alcohol Syndrome website, as well as find a toolkit put together on the American Academy of Pediatrics webpage.

CDC Infant Mortality »

National Organization on Fetal Alcohol Syndrome »

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders Toolkit »


RSV in the NICU

As we enter into the fall and winter, more viruses that cause common colds start to appear. A study presented at the International Conference on Emerging and Infectious Diseases from an Australian group demonstrated that as many as 4% of swabs taken from personal clothing of parents and other visitors to the NICU had traces of Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV), in addition to nearly 10% of computers, bed rails, and chairs. Although the results have not been published in a peer review journal, this study serves as a great reminder for good hand washing techniques and limiting what we bring in to the NICU from the outside.

Article on Infant and Child Healthcare »


American Academy of Pediatrics – Immunizations

As we approach another flu season, we want to remind everyone of the importance of immunizations, their role in both protecting individual patient health, as well as the community at large. The American Academy of Pediatrics website highlights both the importance of vaccines, as well as the repeatedly documented safety of the individual vaccines and the schedule of the timing. If you have any concerns, please talk to your doctor and they can help clarify and reinforce the message.

Immunization Health Initiatives »


Parent’s Guide to the Late Preterm Infant by Brodsky and Quinn

Late preterm infants make up the majority of preterm births in the United States. The book contains information targeted at parents that will help prepare them better for their baby’s hospitalization. In addition to pictures, there is a dictionary of commonly used medical terms. Brodsky D, Quinn M. A Parent’s Guide to the Late Preterm Infant.

This book is available in print or as an ebook.

NICU Journal:
A Parents’ Journey

Tab 7: Glossary of NICU Terms

The last section of the “NICU Journal” is a comprehensive glossary of NICU terms that includes both medical and colloquial words you may hear in the NICU. The section is organized in alphabetical order with short, concise definitions.

Tab 1: Getting to Know Your Baby »
Tab 2: Journaling »
Tab 3: Taking Care of You »
Tab 4: Journey Home »
Tab 5: Developmental Milestones »
Tab 6: Common Conditions, Concerns, and Equipment in the NICU »
Tab 7: Comprehensive Glossary of NICU terms »

Ordering information »



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AAP Perinatal Section Families Page now has a twitter account to help disseminate some of our health information for families of NICU graduates. Please follow us on Twitter@AAPnicu (AAP NICU Families).

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