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Breast Milk Contaminated With Cow’s Milk

A recent study published in Pediatrics online on April 6th, 2015  demonstrated that up to 10% of breastmilk purchases done online (through non-proper channels) are contaminated with cow’s milk. This study highlights the safety concerns around purchasing breast milk from non-authorized sellers (i.e. certified donor milk banks) due to infectious and contamination reasons and now because of the concerns of the safety of cow’s milk for children under one.

The Food and Drug Administration “recommends against feeding your baby breast milk acquired directly from individuals or through the Internet"

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In The Spotlight

National Safe Kids Day - April 26, 2015

National Safe Kids Day is a day designed to celebrate kids, prevent injuries and save lives. The goal of the day is to educate everyone about protecting children from serious, preventable injuries including car accidents, drowning, fires and falls.

Safe Kids Day website »
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How to Protect Your Child During the Measles Outbreak has put together an information packet, How to Protect Your Child During the Measles Outbreak, for parents about the recent measles outbreak that began in Disneyland in California. These recent developments have re-emphasized the importance of the vaccination for children endorsed by the American Academy of Pediatrics and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The information is available in English and Spanish


Campaign for Dental Health

Fluoride is an important component of oral hygiene and prevention of cavities. As February was National Children’s Dental Heath Month, the importance of drinking tap water or getting supplemental Fluoride is critical for preventing teeth decay in children.

They have lots of resources and educational materials for both providers and parents.

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Parent’s Guide to the Late Preterm Infant by Brodsky and Quinn

Late preterm infants make up the majority of preterm births in the United States. The book contains information targeted at parents that will help prepare them better for their baby’s hospitalization. In addition to pictures, there is a dictionary of commonly used medical terms. Brodsky D, Quinn M. A Parent’s Guide to the Late Preterm Infant. Raleigh, NC: Lulu, 2014.

This book is available in print or as an ebook.

NICU Journal:
A Parents’ Journey

Tab 7: Glossary of NICU Terms

The last section of the “NICU Journal” is a comprehensive glossary of NICU terms that includes both medical and colloquial words you may hear in the NICU. The section is organized in alphabetical order with short, concise definitions.

Tab 1: Getting to Know Your Baby »
Tab 2: Journaling »
Tab 3: Taking Care of You »
Tab 4: Journey Home »
Tab 5: Developmental Milestones »
Tab 6: Common Conditions, Concerns, and Equipment in the NICU »
Tab 7: Comprehensive Glossary of NICU terms »

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AAP Perinatal Section Families Page now has a twitter account to help disseminate some of our health information for families of NICU graduates. Please follow us on Twitter@AAPnicu (AAP NICU Families).

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