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Mental Health in Extremely Preterm Infants

One of the biggest concerns to parents and providers of preterm infants is the effect that prematurity and its sequela will have on the child. In a new study published online in the journal Pediatrics investigators note an increased risk of having mental health issues in infants born extremely preterm, including autism, anxiety, inattention, and obsessive compulsive disorder.

Mental Health in Children Born Extremely Preterm Without Severe Neurodevelopmental Disabilities »


HealthyChildren.Org is a website supported by the American Academy of Pediatrics with a plethora of resources for families and physicians. Since March is National Nutrition Month, we want to lead you to the website where you can explore great options that will help promote your physical and emotional health.

Healthy Children »


Parent’s Guide to the Late Preterm Infant by Brodsky and Quinn

Late preterm infants make up the majority of preterm births in the United States. The book contains information targeted at parents that will help prepare them better for their baby’s hospitalization. In addition to pictures, there is a dictionary of commonly used medical terms. Brodsky D, Quinn M. A Parent’s Guide to the Late Preterm Infant.

This book is available in print or as an ebook.

NICU Journal:
A Parents’ Journey

Tab 7: Glossary of NICU Terms

The last section of the “NICU Journal” is a comprehensive glossary of NICU terms that includes both medical and colloquial words you may hear in the NICU. The section is organized in alphabetical order with short, concise definitions.

Tab 1: Getting to Know Your Baby »
Tab 2: Journaling »
Tab 3: Taking Care of You »
Tab 4: Journey Home »
Tab 5: Developmental Milestones »
Tab 6: Common Conditions, Concerns, and Equipment in the NICU »
Tab 7: Comprehensive Glossary of NICU terms »

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