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2015 Marshall Klaus Awards Announced

Dr. Klaus is an internationally recognized leader and scientist in the field of Neonatology. He is the author or coauthor of several standard works in the field, including Bonding, Care of the High Risk Newborn, Mothering the Mother and The Amazing Newborn. Among his many accomplishments, Dr. Klaus took the lead in opening the premature nursery to parents and has been a leader in the humane care of mothers and babies, including support for parents dealing with the death of a baby. During his long career he trained over 35 Fellows in Neonatology, many of whom are now leaders in research and directors of newborn units world-wide.

The Section on Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine (SoNPM) is fortunate, thanks to contributions by Johnson and Johnson Pediatric Institute and the March of Dimes, to honor Dr. Klaus by awarding research scholarships to promising early career physician-scientists. The 2015 Marshall Klaus Neonatal-Perinatal Research Award netted 37 terrific applicants. The top 6 ranked fellows each were awarded a $5,000 Klaus research award to support the specified research projects

The 2015 Marshall Klaus Neonatal-Perinatal Research Awardees and the topics they are studying are: Jennifer Pelliford Alexander, MD, University of Maryland, ‘Long Term Effects of Neonatal Pain and the Ability of Sucrose and Acetaminophen to Improve Outcomes;’ Claire Baldauf, University of California Los Angeles (UCLA), ‘Neuron Rescue in Intra-Uterine Growth Restriction with Novel Peptide: Humanin;’ Stephanie Marie Ford, MD, Case Western Reserve University, ‘Increasing Regurgitant Flow in Early Cardiac Looping with Optical Pacing Leads Congenital Heart Diseases;’ Kok Lim Kua, MD, University of Iowa Children’s Hospital, ‘Breaking The Cycle of Maternal-Neonatal Diabetes Transmission;’ Sarah Nicole Kunz, MD, Boston Children’s Hospital, ‘Effect of Perinatal Referral Network Structure on Transport Decisions and Neonatal Outcomes;’ and Sarah Morton, MD, Boston Children’s Hospital, ‘Role of miRNA in Nemaline Myopathy.’

Learn more about Klaus Awardees »

Council's Corner

Helpful Vignettes From the ONTPD Council

Facing Change in Your NPM Program

Jae Kim MD, FAAP
University of California San Diego

The one thing in academics is that nothing ever stays the same. As a Program Director, it is an ever facing challenge to keep up with new changes and incorporate them to sustain and improve one's program.

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New Accreditation System Task Force

Clinical Competency Committee

To assist program directors with the Next Accreditation System requirements, the NAS task force developed three documents related to the CCC for PDs use as an aid or guide: CCC policy, CCC evaluation reporting tool, and CCC responsibilities. Feel free to edit these documents to better fit the needs of your specific program or feel free to use your own documents. The ONTPD executive council and members of the ONTPD NAS task force have vetted these documents.

CCC Policy »
CCC Evaluation Reporting Tool »
CCC Responsibilities »

Annual Program Review Documents

As promised, the NAS task force developed two documents based on NAS requirements to aid and guide program directors in their annual program review. The Program Evaluation Committee (PEC) document describes the composition of members in the PEC and the PEC responsibilities. The Annual Program Evaluation (APE) tool is organized for documentation of the required areas of annual review and reporting.

The PEC and APE templates were developed by combining input from different programs; are meant to aid and guide program directors in annual program review and reporting; and are designed to be utilized at the discretion of the program director. Following development by the NAS taskforce, all templates were reviewed by the ONTPD executive council.

Program Evaluation Committee Policy »
Annual Program Evaluation Tool »

Since Milestones are not created to be used as a rotation evaluation tool, work was first focused on the new required instruments (CCC and PEC tools). If you have developed documents that you think would be helpful to the NAS task force, please send them to Patricia Chess.

Update on the NAS at the CoPS Meeting in Vancouver

At the Council of Pediatric Subspecialists meeting in Vancouver, Mary Lieh-Lai reviewed ACGME current NAS information. We are planning to organize a NAS web conference for our ONTPD group soon.

ACGME NAS presentation »

Please join the ONTPD Council Task Force

Scholarly Activity Research Network

The SARN task force is developing a research network to facilitate scholarly projects by trainees in the areas of clinical, educational, and translational research.

To join, contact Jae Kim »
For questions, contact Christiane Dammann »

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