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multimedia presentations

The presentations included on this page are generously shared by the authors. We ask that use of these materials be limited to educational purposes and that users refrain from copying all or part of a presentation to incorporate within their own presentation(s).

View Butterfield or Cone History Lectures

Perinatal Section Program - 2009 National Conference and Exhibition - Washington, DC

Keynote Address (Video)
Gerald Merenstein Lecture: Cross-talk and Developmental Programs: A Key to Stem Cell-mediated Approaches
to Neurological Abnormalities of the Newborn - Evan Snyder, MD, FAAP

Cone History of Neonatology Lecture (Video)
Introduced by: Avroy Fanaroff MD, FAAP, Chair, History Committee
ECMO: 50 Years in the History of Life Support Research-powerpoint (17.4 MB) - Robert Bartlett, MD

Landmark Award to Saroj Saigal, MD, FAAP (Video)
Intoduced by: Lu-Ann Papile, MD, FAAP

Neonatal Education Award to Ron Ariagno, MD, FAAP (Video)
Introduced by: David Stevenson, MD, FAAP

Pathophysiology of Inflammatory Mediators and Origin of Neonatal Disease: Curiosity, Cause or Consequence

Apgar Award Presentation to John C. Sinclair, MD, FAAP (Video)
Introduced by: Jon Tyson, MD, FAAP

Joint Section Program: Perinatal Pediatrics & Pediatric Surgery
Necrotizing Enterocolitis: An Elusive Disease That Continues to Taunt Us

NeoReviews Plus LIVE - John Hartline, MD, FAAP and William Engle, MD, FAAP

Caring for the Late Preterm Newborn - William Engle, MD, FAAP and Richard J. Schanler, MD, MPH, FAAP

NCE 2009 Abstracts »

2009 Workshop on Perinatal Practice Strategies - Phoenix, AZ

2008 Workshop on Perinatal Practice Strategies Spring Workshop - Scottsdale, AZ Presentations »

Silverman Lectures

  • 2008: Palliative Care in Infants and Young Children - Brian Carter
  • 2007: Evidence-Based Ethics & Care of the Very Premature Infant - Jon Tyson
  • 2006: From Disasters to Triumphs: Lessons Learned in the Evoluation of Neonatology as a Specialty - Avroy Fanaroff

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