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Strategic Planning Groups

AAP Perinatal Section currently has 4 Strategic Planning Groups

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(Co-Chairs: Marilyn Escobedo and Avroy Fanaroff))

The education group is working to bring cutting edge technology and new learning methods to Section educational programming. The new Web site is part of this initiative.

Learn more about Web site activities »

Global Health

(Co-Chairs: William Keenan and Deborah Campbell)

The global health group is working with the Section on International Child Health, the AAP Office of International Health, and other organizations such as the March of Dimes to connect human and other resources with global areas of need in neonatal-perinatal health.

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Learn more about the global NRP initiative »


(Co-Chairs: Judy Aschner and Linda J Van Marter)

The leadership group aims to make leadership training an integral part of Section venues as well as to foster leadership among trainees and to identify new leaders to join and ultimately lead Section initiatives.

Read about the trainees' NCE preconference »


(Co-Chairs: Carl Bose and Jeffrey Gould)

This group aims to work with other quality-oriented organizations to define quality in neonatal health care, identify robust measures of quality, and develop quality toolkits that will be of use to neonatologists in evaluating and quantifying progress in achieving quality neonatal care.

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