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TECaN is preparing a goldmine of information to help guide you through your first years following training as a early career neonatologist. Whether in private practice or an academic setting, prepare yourself with these resources.

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1st Year Neonatologist Fellow: To Do List »


Workshop on Perinatal Practice Strategies

March 31- April 2, 2017
Scottsdale, AZ

The 2017 Workshop on Perinatal Practice Strategies in Scottsdale, AZ is fast approaching and promises to be a fantastic meeting for neonatologists, neonatology trainees, advanced practitioners, and any pediatric professional caring for the fetus and newborn! The Workshop on Perinatal Practice Strategies seeks to empower leadership, provide a forum for networking, guide change, encourage quality, and promote advocacy. This year’s sessions focus on using simulation, quality improvement, advocacy, and clinical topics such as transfusions.

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Difficult Conversations and Palliative Care in The NICU

During our training, we are taught the knowledge base and management skills needed for the care of critically ill neonates; however, communication in these difficult situations is not often a main focus. We know that communication with the families of our patients is vital to both parent satisfaction and the creation of an environment of trust. Please take time to review the articles below for more information regarding communication with families and end of life care.

A Guide to End of Life Care »
Difficult Conversations in the NICU »
Communicating With Children and Families »

Hello Fellows!

The pot of gold at the end of this rainbow that we call fellowship training is the JOB of our dreams… or the JOB that one day ends up taking us to the JOB of our dreams. Sometimes it is hard to remember this as we climb up and over, across and down those colorful rainbow rotations. Take a look at this TECaN JOB Search Timeline once in a while to stay on track to get that gold pot!

Job Search Timeline »

Tips for the Early Career Neonatologist

As an early career neonatologist, especially as an educator, one has to juggle many academic endeavors at the same time. Many of these are unique to this career phase. Attached is an article from the leaders of the Early Career Medical Educators from Canada where they consolidate their knowledge into 12 succinct tips.

Early Career Medical Educators Article »

Navigating the Salary and Benefits Waters

One of the greatest challenges in looking for your first job is trying to make sense of the package of salary and benefits as well as the designated clinical, research and/or administrative time. Assessing salary is often challenging and discussion of salary is often a sensitive topic.

We have compiled several resources to help you start to think about the topic. It's important to remember that the salary is only part of the package that you are trying to negotiate, and you do not want to overlook other important issues, such as the protected time for research or other faculty opportunities you are offered, and the amount of clinical coverage you will be expected to contribute.

Get started with a powerpoint presentation - "It's closer than you think: It's time to get a job: Compensation" prepared by Eric Horowitz, MD, RD, FAAP.

» Merritt Hawkins & Associates produces a publication offering an overview of common physician compensation models.

» The Medical Group Management Association (MGMA) produces a compensation survey report including both national and regional survey results that is available for purchase.

» The Association of American Medical Colleges website has available a report on academic physician salaries and ranges by specialty, rank and geographic region. Some program directors or department chairs may allow you access to their copy, or it can be purchased online. Your cost should be about $130.00.

A recent article in NeoReviews by two members of the Perinatal Section, Neonatology Job Search: Looking Beyond the Dollar Signs, reviews a number of factors that should be considered when negotiating your first (or subsequent) position out of fellowship.Please go to the Report on Medical School Faculty Salaries.

» Principles of Physician Employment - Update from the American Medical Association

Once you find your perfect job, the next step involves an agreement between your prospective employer and you. These contracts not only outline the terms of your employment, but may contain information regarding payment, termination of contract and additional rules that are standard or non-standard part of the offer. Consider engaging a contract lawyer to review these documents.. The American Medical Association recently published Principles for Physician Employment that could be helpful as you are reviewing your contract.

Most importantly, make sure to talk with someone about this topic. The fellowship director and fellows who have recently completed training at your fellowship program often are great resources.

Resources for TECaN

The TECaN Council members have developed powerpoint presentations with the goal of making all neonatal-perinatal medicine fellows aware of available resources, to generate enthusiasm and participation, and to disseminate information and collect feedback from fellows.

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