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TECaN Chair: Colby Day , MD

Past Chair: Meredith Mowitz , MD
ONTPD Rep: Hayley Friedman, MD
Membership: Alissa Doherty , MD
Outgoing Membership: Saila Ghanta , MD
Secretary: Shawn Sen, MD
Social/Media: Ashley Lucke, MD

TECaN Council Members:
District I: Hayley Friedman, MD
District II: Courtney Briggs-Steimberg, MD
District III: Karen Hussein, MD
District IV: Colby Day, MD

District V: Alissa Doherty, MD
District VI: Sandy Aikara, MD
District VII: Ashley Lucke, MD
District VIII: Stephanie Bourque, MD
District IX: Rebecca Meyer, MD
District X: Mercedes Bell, MD
ECAN Rep: Stephanie Kukora, MD
ECAN Rep: Shelly Ann Williams, MD

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