Section on Surgerygirl
Committee Rosters
Executive Committee



Frederick J Rescorla MD FAAP

Mary L Brandt MD FAAP
ediate Past Chairperson

Michael G Caty MD FAAP
Yale University/PedsSurgery

Kurt F Heiss MD FAAP
Children's Healthcare of Atlanta

George W Holcomb III MD FAAP
University of Missouri at Kansas City

Rebecka L Meyers MD FAAP
Primary Children's Medical Center

R Lawrence Moss MD FAAP MD
Nationwide Children's Hospital

Vivian Thorne
Manager, Div of Hospital & Surgical Services


Delivery of Surgical Care Committee

Shawn Rangel MD FAAP
Li Ern Chen MD FAAP
Vice Chairperson

Jim Geiger MD FAAP
Kurt Heiss MD FAAP
Dan Poenaru MD FAAP
Doruk Ozgediz MD FAAP
Marilyn Butler MD FAAP
George B Mychaliska MD FAAP
Doug Barnhart MD FAAP
David Juang MD FAAP

Education Committee

Ben Nwomeh MD FAAP
Mark Mazziotti MD FAAP
Vice Chairperson

Vince Adolph, MD FAAP
Roshni Dasgupta MD FAAP
David Rothstein MD FAAP
Alan Ladd MD FAAP
Shin Hirose MD FAAP
Elizabeth Beierle MD FAAP
Jill Zalieckas MD FAAP

Liaisons and Advocacy Committee

Gail Besner MD FAAP

Mary Brandt MD FAAP
George Holcomb MD FAAP
Aviva Katz MD FAAP
Kasper Wang MD FAAP
Charles Vinocur MD FAAP
David Tuggle MD FAAP
Adela Casas-Melley MD FAAP
Anthony Sandler MD FAAP
David Notrica MD FAAP
Diana Farmer MD FAAP
Dan Teitelbaum MD FAAP
Barb Pettitt MD FAAP
Marc Michalsky MD FAAP
Cathy Burnweit MD FAAP
Daniel Ostlie MD FAAP
Jim Geiger MD FAAP
Dan Poenaru MD FAAP
Russell Woo MD FAAP
Peter Masiakos MD FAAP
Jeff Upperman MD FAAP
Deb Billmire FAAP

Membership Committee

Marjorie Arca MD FAAP
Adam Goldin MD FAAP
Vice Chairperson

Rebecka Meyers MD FAAP
Abigail Martin MD FAAP
Fizan Abdullah MD FAAP
Sid Johnson MD FAAP
Angela Kadenhe-Chiweshe MD FAAP
Dave Powell MD FAAP
Stacey Moore-Olufemi MD FAAP

Publications Committee

Harold (Bo) Lovvorn MD FAAP

Samuel M Alaish MD FAAP
Douglas C Barnhart MD FAAP
Christopher Breuer MD FAAP
Mike Chen MD FAAP
Patrick A. Dillon MD FAAP
Richard Glick MD FAAP
Adam Goldin MD MPH FAAP
Saleem Islam MD FAAP
Monica Lopez MD FAAP
Marcus Malek MD FAAP
Holly L Neville MD FAAP
Charles L. Snyder MD FAAP
Samuel Z Soffer MD FAAP
Edward P Tagge MD FAAP

Scientific Program Committee

Eugene S Kim MD FAAP
Christopher Weldon, MD
Vice Chairperson

Elizabeth Beierle MD FAAP
Cynthia Downard MD FAAP
Kenneth Gow MD FAAP
Alan Ladd MD FAAP
Harold Lovvorn MD FAAP
Mark Mazziotti MD FAAP
Shawn J Rangel MD FAAP
Michael Rollins MD FAAP
Joel Shilyansky MD FAAP


AAP Liaisons

George W Holcomb MD
Surgical Advisory Panel

Mary L Brandt MD
Committee on Child Health Financing

Kaspar S Wang MD
Committee on Fetus and Newborn

Aviva Katz MD
Committee on Bioethics

Vince Adolph MD
National Conference & Exhibition Planning Group

David Tuggle MD
Committee on Pediatric Emergency Medicine

Charles Vinocur MD
Committee on Hospital Care


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Marleta Reynolds MD
Specialty Society Representative
American College of Surgeons (ACS)

Kurt Newman MD
World Federation of Associations of Pediatric Surgery

Mary Fallat MD
Pediatric Surgery Board
American Board of Surgery

Jaimie Nathan MD
United Network of Organ Sharing

Jed Nuchtern MD
Commission on Cancer

Robert C Shamberger MD
Board of Governors ACS