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The mission of the Section on Telehealth Care (SOTC) is to improve the provision of in-person and remote care through the use of telehealth technology in a medical home. To accomplish this mission, SOTC will develop guidance and education on telehealth care and advocate for those who receive and provide it.


Telehealth care is integrated into the menu of services provided through the medical home and is valued by pediatricians, patients and families, and payers and paid at an appropriate rate. Pediatricians are compensated appropriately based on the services they provide. These services may be provided in-person or remotely using appropriate telehealth technology, depending on the needs of the patient, without affecting payment.

We believe:

Goals and Objectives

Goal 1: Provide guidance and champion the use of telehealth care in the Medical Home.

Objective 1.1: Develop and deliver at least two educational offerings/programs on the use of telehealth care in a medical home

Objective 1.2: Increase awareness on the role telehealth care plays in the medical home

Goal 2: Inform and lead AAP telehealth care advocacy efforts.

Objective 2.1: Identify and utilize opportunities to advocate for cross-state licensure in the provision of telehealth services

Objective 2.2: Identify and utilize opportunities to advocate for and educate on the importance of the interoperability of telehealth technology

Goal 3: Educate payers and policy makers about the value of telehealth care services.

Objective 3.1: Develop a business case for the use of telehealth care in the medical home

Objective 3.2: Develop the case for policy makers to support telehealth care

Objective 3.3: Collect state specific resources promoting appropriate payment for telehealth care in a medical home

Goal 4: Strengthen SOTC section infrastructure.

Objective 4.1: Develop and implement a plan to increase section membership

Objective 4.2: Increase section member engagement through involvement in subcommittee and project work

Objective 4.3: Enhance strategic internal and external partnerships

Objective 4.4: Assess and develop parent information available through AAP

Fellows interested in learning more about the Section are invited to attend its educational sessions and annual business meeting at the National Conference & Exhibition. Membership is open to all Fellows of the Academy with an interest or expertise in telehealth care.

For further details, or if you are a Section on Telehealth Care member interested in getting more involved in Section activities, please send an e-mail message to


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